Tuesday, April 17, 2007


"America is not going to be safe until the terrorist threat has been defeated," Bush said. "If we do not defeat the terrorists and extremists in Iraq, they won't leave us alone - they will follow us to the United States of America.... We should not legislate defeat in this vital war."

Yes, another lie in a long series of lies from the pathologically distrurbed, serial liar GW Bush. Herr Bush, if the so-called "terrorists" will follow us to the United States if we don't defeat them in Iraq--his words, not mine--then why don't these "terrorists" strike at targets in the United States now? Hmmm? It would be a lot easier to strike at a soft target here in the states than go up against M-1 Abrams Tanks and Apache helicopters in Iraq, right? So, why aren't they striking targets here in the homeland?

If your reply is that they have no way to travel to America for strikes now, how will they travel to America later?

Bush, you are a serial liar, thief and homicidal maniac. One can tell by looking at you when you talk that your eyes are devoid of life and meaning. Your only way to achieve some type of orgasm is to relish in all the death and destruction you can unleash on poor countries and poorer people.

If you had any decency left in your souless body, you would immediately resign from the Office of the President, turn yourself over to the International Court of Justice in the Hague for trial for your numerous war crimes.

After conviction, your sentence should be that your assigned to an Iraqi hospital, emptying bed pans for the rest of your sordid and abysmal life.

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