Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The Party of Brownshirts

By Paul Craig Roberts

04/16/07 "ICH" -- -- Neoconservatives have turned the Republican Party into a Brownshirt Party.

Look at the evidence. While real patriots flee the party, the remaining supporters cling to power by asserting dictatorial dominance for President Bush. The Republican Attorney General denies that the US Constitution provides habeas corpus protection to American citizens. Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, Republican candidates for the 2008 presidential campaign, believe the president has the power to imprison US citizens indefinitely without warrants or trials. The “conservative” Federalist Society favors concentrating more power in the executive. Neoconservative ideologues claim the right to impose American hegemony over all others--especially over Muslims.

All of these Republican tyrants and budding tyrants claim to be protecting liberty and democracy.


JA, they are a bunch of good Nazis, always seeking to curry favor with their Fuhrer, King George of Crawford. Taking cues and lessons from their fellow Nazis in Jerusalem, they go about the world looting, pillaging and plundering to their hearts content.

Never satisfied with the amount of power and wealth they now control, they engage in more murderous thefts, like the sacking of Iraq by the USA and the continued savagely brutal domination and occupation of Palestine by the bullies of the Israel Occupation Force.

These types of bottom feeders are completely amoral. They have no conscience when it comes to sending someone else off to do their killing for them in their quest to turn the entire world into one, big global plantation that serves their sadistic and perverted needs.

They are just a bunch of common criminals, murderers and thugs who deserve a special place in Hell.

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