Wednesday, April 25, 2007


On March 16, 2003, ISM volunteer Rachel Corrie was killed while trying to block an IDF armoured bulldozer engaged in demolishing a house.

On April 5, 2003, ISM volunteer Brian Avery was shot in the face by machine gun fire from an IDF armoured personnel carrier while he was outside in the street escorting Palestinian medical personnel.

On April 2, 2002, Australian ISM volunteer Kate Edwards sustained severe internal injuries from rounds fired by Israeli forces during a protest in Beit Jala. The incident was captured on film and appears in the documentary by Palestinian film-maker Leila Sansour, Jeremy Hardy vs the Israeli Army.

Thomas "Tom" Hurndall (November 29, 1981 – January 13, 2004) was a British photography student, member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), and an activist against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. On April 11, 2003, he was shot in the head in the Gaza Strip by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sniper, Taysir Hayb. According to witnesses, this occurred while he was acting “as a human shield, escorting children away from gunfire.” Hurndall was left in a coma and died nine months later.

Since shooting a peace activist in the head wasn't enough to get a rise in the testosterone level of the cowrardly IOF, insult was added to injury to the grieving Hurndall family when "... A Defense Ministry check, sent "without any admission of liability by the State of Israel and/or the Ministry of Defense" to the family of a International Solidarity Mission volunteer shot by an Israel Defense Forces soldier, bounced when the family tried to cash it earlier this week. The ISM volunteer was rendered incapacitated as a result of the gunshot wounds sustained last April.
A spokesman for the Hurndall family said the family was astonished two days ago when they received a letter from the National Westminster Bank that the check issued by the Bank of Israel was returned after it emerged that the balance in the account did not allow payment. The problem was not technical, said National Westminster, but rather the account simply had insufficient funds."

Palestine: IDF Shoots Irish Peace Prize Winner With Rubber Bullets
Monday April 23, 2007 15:05 by Justin Morahan
In a Gandhi-like protest, a completely unarmed and peaceful gathering of peace activists who were walking to the Bil'in Wall were tear-gassed and then shot with rubber bullets. After being brought to ambulances for treatment they returned to the non-violent demonstration. Among them was Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire.

The ongoing criminal acts of the mob known as the IDF/IOF are so atrocious they leave one speechless.

Whether shooting kids in the head or women in the face, the thuggish goons that inhabit the Israeli armed forces are
nothing more than a bunch of gangsters who kill for fun.

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