Sunday, April 8, 2007



The besieging of Palestinian cities and villages and the continuous increase of settlements buildings are other manifestations of ethnic cleansing. There are 600 checkpoints and only 24 of them are between Israel and Palestine; the rest are inside the Palestinian occupied land.
Then there is the wall which is 650 kilometres long and the green line which is only 315 kilometres long. The wall or the barrier takes 53% of Palestinian water resources. The cost of water for the Palestinians is four times higher than in the illegal Israeli settlements even though settlers consume 600 CM while Palestinians consume only 140 CM. East Jerusalem, the occupied part of the city, represents 45% of the Palestinian economy. In 1975 the Israeli High Court ruled that no one can live in the old city except Jews. And there are hundreds of other examples of the brutality of the occupation……

If you think America is the land of free speech and freedom of the press, think again. In America, we only are allowed to speak and publish freely if we become an echo chamber for FAUX News and White House talking points. If not, we rarely get the truth past the AIPAC censors. See link below for a case in point.
And Jehovah forbid if someone actually tries to have a sensible and reasonable conversation about Israel occupying Palestine.
No one is safe from the AIPAC funded propaganda machine that will viciously attack anyone who dares to speak the truth.
Even former President Jimmy Carter, when he describe the apartheid that Israel practices against Palestinians.

Israel helped sell the US the illegal and immoral war against Iraq. Now, they want the US to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age.
And while the world is watching the "Shock and Awe" in both Iraq and soon, Iran, the IOF will invade--again--the West Bank and the Gaza strip.
The IOF will brutally murder anyone in their sights, but their favorite targets are women and children. They're too cowardly to go up against a real army, like Hezbollah, who kicked their ass last Summer.
Nope, for the real fighting, they tell their favorite bitch, the US Military, to invade or bomb this nation or that country.

All the while continuing with the massive amount of lies, deceit and manipulation necessary to carry off the wars.

Israel needs to learn to live in peace with its neighbors and if it can not, then it's time to isolate and cut off funding to that nation of cowards and bullies.

The United States of Israel needs to vanish from the pages of time.

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