Saturday, April 28, 2007


The title of this blog could have been about stealing Iraq's wealth. That would be misleading, since it is a story about how crooks and criminals are stealing Iraq's oil, not a story about the ongoing slaughter of Iraqi civilians, which is part of Iraq's wealth. This shows how various groups and the U.N. conspired to defraud and steal Iraq's oil money...and succeeded.

Von Sponeck reports that a large chunk -- 55 per cent of the money generated from Iraq's oil -- went to fund the UN's own inadequate "humanitarian" programmes. Much of the rest was usurped by the UN Compensation Commission, entrusted with handling damages claims made by those allegedly harmed by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. According to von Sponeck, the Iraqi oil "pie" was so large there was plenty for everyone: Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, and all the rest. But most ironically, the commission awarded a large sum of money to two Israeli kibbutzim in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, for allegedly losing some of their income due to the fact that the war damaged the tourism industry in Israel.

Read the last sentence again. Two Israeli kibbutzim, situated on land stolen from Syria, received the lion's share of the stolen Iraqi oil money. Meanwhile, during this "Grand Theft, Baghdad", Iraqi's were only receiving only 50 cents a piece per day. FROM THEIR OWN OIL.
If there is a bolder and more sinister group of thieves other than the ones living on land stolen from Palestinians and living large on money stolen from Iraqi's, i've yet to find out who they are. Unless one counts in the international criminal cartel known collectively as the "BUSH FAMILY."

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