Friday, April 13, 2007


UN envoy on children says Israel broke international law

Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflicts, Radhika Coomaraswamy, tours southern Lebanon,
says Israel used 'disproportionate force' during war
Associated Press Published:
04.13.07, 02:13 / Israel News

A UN envoy for children in conflict said Thursday she had been horrified by the destruction of a Lebanese village besieged by Israeli troops last year, and that many of Israel's actions during the war against Hizbullah had violated international law.

The UN's Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflicts, Radhika Coomaraswamy, told reporters she would discuss Israel's conduct during the Second Lebanon War when she meets its government on the next stop of her Middle East tour.

''I think the message is very clear - the need to respect civilians'' and to distinguish between civilians and combatants, Coomaraswamy said in Beirut after a three-day visit to Lebanon.

She referred to Israel's dropping of millions of cluster bombs during the 34-day war and its ''disproportionate use of force,'' which destroyed much of Lebanon's infrastructure.

Coomaraswamy said she was ''horrified'' by the destruction she saw in the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil ''and the considerable impact that it had on children.''

''Many of the actions taken in the Lebanese war appear to have violated international humanitarian law,'' Coomaraswamy said when asked if she would be raising with Israeli officials what their armed forces had done in Lebanon.

She said she would add her voice to those pressing Israel to provide data on the location of the cluster bombs dropped on southern Lebanon in the last days of the war. ''Apparently they do have the data in the computer,'' she said.

Israel breaking internatinal law? The only news about this sordid fact is that Israel breaks any and all laws to suit its whims. Israel even breaks its own laws in their endless and savage assault against the war weary Palestinians. And they break American law, as in the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard spy case. The nuclear secrets Pollard stole, Israel sold to the former USSR in exchange for a larger immigration quota of Jews from Russia.
The real news about the internationl outlaws and terrorist state known as "Israel" is that the MSM here in America won't touch this story with a 10 foot pole. They'll be too busy spoon feeding a stupified American public by keeping their short attention span on REAL news, like dead strippers and idiotic shock jocks.

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Didn't try and stop any conversations about the subjects. i'm a "computer challenged" middle-aged white fart who is still learning the ropes of my blog.

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  1. what a joke . the UN has been saying that for years , and and ???


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