Monday, April 23, 2007


Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel

A U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq would be damaging to Israel, Dick Cheney said.

"We must consider, as well, just what a precipitous withdrawal would mean to our other efforts in the war on terror, to our interests in the broader Middle East, and to Israel," the U.S. vice president said over the weekend to a Republican Jewish Coalition leadership gathering in Latana, Fla.

"Commentators enjoy pointing out mistakes through 20/20 hindsight. But the biggest mistake of all can be seen in advance: A sudden withdrawal of our coalition would dissipate much of the effort that has gone into fighting the global war on terror, and result in chaos and mounting danger. And for the sake of our own security, we will not stand by and let it happen," Cheney said. He has a similar message earlier this month to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual policy forum.

Sorry, "Big Dick" but this is the United States of America, not the United States of Israel. Even if what you say is true--hard to say, since you have told and keep telling so many LIES--then shouldn't you and your fellow travelers at places like AIPAC thought of that problem before you initiated an illegal and immoral war against Iraq?

Wasn't that one of the primary reasons you helped sell this obscene war against Iraq, so that our "friends" in the area would be safe?

Anyone with half a brain--ditto heads not included--knew then that the "friend" you were referring to is Israel. Cheney, YOU sold this continuing criminal enterprise known as the war against Iraq to benefit your friends in Israel. Now that the war, along with most everything else the corrupt Bush administration has handled, is starting to implode, now you're saying that American soldiers and Iraqi civilians have to keep on fighting and dying to help Israel?

What an abomination.

Just how many more American soldiers and Iraqi civilians are you willing to send to the slaughterhouse in order to "benefit Israel" Cheney?

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