Monday, April 16, 2007


Israel has complained time and again that "(Insert nation/ name here) doesn't recognize Israel's existence.

OK. Fair Question. Here's another fair question:

Which Israel should the world recoginze?

The Israel mandated by the United Nations in 1947? Or the Israel that took over huge tracts of Palestine, Syria and Egypt during the 1967 Six Day War?

Or, the Israel of today, that has managed to steal even more Palestinian land by force, bulldozing down the inhabitants houses, destroying their living by tearing up huge swaths of olive groves and erecting a 25 foot tall concrete barrier, complete with watch towers manned by armed guards, against the rest of Palestine. Believe the length of the wall is over 600 miles. When the barrier is erected, Israel steals even more Palestinian land in the name of "security."

So, which Israel is the world supposed to recognize?


  1. "
    OK. Fair Question."

    Sorry Greg but i have to disagree with that.
    How does one "recognize" the thief who has broken into his home, raped his women, imprisoned/tortured the men, killed the boys and destroyed their livelihood. If you or anyone else for that matter found a thief in your house, you would not be worried about "recognizing him" but about kicking his ass out of your home and getting back what he stole.
    btw i love the article.

  2. Excellent Point. Being half a world away and still trying to flush out from my brain from decades of propaganda designed to legitimize Israel, makes one stumble when trying to post arguements.

    But, i'm trying to see the light of truth.



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