Sunday, May 13, 2007


Do not forget that the immiserization of Iraq by Washington commenced not with Wolfowitz’s War in 2003, but with the slaughter of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. It continued most dramatically but quietly with the meddlesome and insane policy of embargo and sanctions carried out during the reign of the “liberal” Democrat, Bill Clinton, and his meretricious Middle East foreign policy team of Samuel “Sandy” Berger, Madeleine “it’s worth it” Albright, Dennis Ross, and Australian import, Martin Indyk.

Feith was a protégé of “neocon” geopolitical grandee, Richard Perle. Feith is on the Advisory Board of the (U.S.) Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Feith is a face card in the deck of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies, headquartered in Jerusalem. The law office he founded in 1986, Feith & Zell, is based in Israel, catering to Jewish-American “settlers” on the West Bank.

Some may call them "war criminals." And that would be correct. Others will give them the label they deserve: Murderers, psychopaths, liars and thieves. Like some type of parasitic organism, they produce only pain and misery all the while sucking the life out of their host.


  1. Thanks for posting about the terrible things going on in Palestine, and the psychopathic actions of the US military and their government. You may be interested in the following site, where there are a number of excellent articles and discussion on the subject. One of the most interesting recent articles, The Myth of the Palestinian Suicide Bomber can be found at :

  2. Thank you for your kind words. What i'm doing here is a feeble attempt to get some truth out about the savage and brutal genocide of both the Palestinians and Iraqi's.


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