Sunday, May 6, 2007

Human Rights Workers Attacked by Israeli Settlers

Sunday May 06, 2007 01:01
On Saturday morning, a group of human rights workers were attacked by three Israeli settlers in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank. The settlers threw stones at the human rights workers and hit them with a metal pipe.

A local man who tried to videotape the attack became a victim himself, when he was pelted with rocks thrown by the Israeli settlers.

According to the International Solidarity Movement, the human rights workers were walking down the street in Tel Rumeida when a group of Israeli settlers living illegally in the Palestinian town descended upon them with stones and metal pipes.

In Tel Rumeida, there is a heavy Israeli military presence put in place to protect a group of 500 illegal Israeli settlers who chose to settle in the middle of a heavily-populated Palestinian area in which nearly 200,000 Palestinians live.

Palestinians are not allowed to drive any type of cars, including buses, taxis, ambulances, and fire trucks. Israeli settler civilians are allowed to carry guns, while Palestinians are not allowed to have weapons of any kind. Palestinians are subjected to random detentions and ID checks (Israeli settlers are not). Israeli soldiers frequently invade Palestinian homes or use their roofs as outposts. The security forces in the neighborhood are Israeli only and, according to local residents, completely ignore complaints made by Palestinians.

The Tel Rumeida district has been the site of frequent and violent Israeli settler attacks against both Palestinians and internationals. Last month, Israeli settlers set fire to a Palestinian resident's car. Israeli soldiers refused to allow Palestinian fire trucks to enter Tel Rumeida to extinguish the fire.

The brave human rights workers were lucky that the cowards comprising the terrorist organization known as the "Israeli Occupation Force" weren't nearby, because their modus operandi is to shoot to kill anyone who has both the courage and fortitude to speak up against the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians.

Using metal pipes to beat up protesters and shooting to kill at peace activists. This is nothing less than state sponsored terrorism.

And the state that is sponsoring this heinous aggression is Israel. Israel likes to brag about how it is the only democracy in the Middle East.

What a joke! Israel has a "kleptocratic" form of rule. That is, Israel uses political power to steal the country's resources. In this case, the state that is being stolen from is Palestine.

And as with most other gangs, the Zionist mob has no problem with using lethal force against Palestinians, including murdering women and children. Or, as in the case of the Tel Rumeida district, refuse to allow Palestinian fire trucks to enter Tel Rumeida to extinguish fire.

A fire started by the illegal Israeli occupiers in the first place. Denying entrance to firefighters and their most needed tool, the fire truck, has to be one of the most reprehensible acts known to man.


  1. "And the state that is sponsoring this heinous aggression is Israel."

    I agree with you but there is another state which you left out, the united states and it's financial/military/intelligence/and so on support.

  2. I agree. Without the blind loyalty and ma$$ive $upport of the United States, Israel would either learn how to live in peace or fall apart.

    Thanks for the correction. Got so mad about the part where the IOF wouldn't let the fire truck in that i wasn't thinking straight.

  3. two bitches having a cry, no wonder they kicked you out from fire brigadee


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