Thursday, May 24, 2007


On 19 May, the Guardian received this letter from Omar Jabary al-Sarafeh, a Ramallah resident: "Land, water and air are under constant sight of a sophisticated military surveillance system that makes Gaza like The Truman Show," he wrote. "In this film every Gazan actor has a predefined role and the [Israeli] army behaves as a director... The Gaza strip needs to be shown as what it is... an Israeli laboratory backed by the international community where human beings are used as rabbits to test the most dramatic and perverse practices of economic suffocation and starvation."

The remarkable Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has described the starvation sweeping Gaza's more than a million and a quarter inhabitants and the "thousands of wounded, disabled and shell-shocked people unable to receive any treatment... The shadows of human beings roam the ruins... They only know the [Israeli army] will return and they know what this will mean for them: more imprisonment in their homes for weeks, more death and destruction in monstrous proportions". The water and power are cut off, yet again, when the generators are bombed, yet again. Iconic murals on walls pockmarked by bullets commemorate the dead, such as the family of 18 men, women and children who "clashed" with a 500lb American/Israeli bomb, dropped on their block of flats as they slept. Presumably, they were militants.

More death, torture and murders, courtesy of the world's largest and most sinister terrorist organization, the Israeli Occupation Force.

The IOF is nothing more than a gang of murderous thugs, doing with joy the sadistic and barbaric actions demanded by their masters, the Zionist War Pigs. The more death, misery, suffering and torment the Zionist War Pigs are able to cause Palestinians, the more they rejoice.

Zionist War Pigs: The 21st Century's version of the Nazi's


  1. Greg i thought you might be interested in this, yesterday i came across a Palestinian site while researching charities and instead of the IOF they refered to them as the ZOF, zionist occupation forces.
    i loved it.

  2. Blacks or shall I say negros are the true Isarealites the Jews are impostors culture bandits


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