Friday, June 1, 2007


The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) may have been involved in the hijack of an Air France plane in 1976 by Palestinian terrorists, according to newly declassified British government documents released Friday.

Some 100 passengers were held by hijackers at Entebbe airport in Uganda during an eight-day ordeal that concluded when General Staff Reconnaissance Unit (Sayeret Matkal) troops stormed the building where captives were held. Twenty-four people died in the shoot-out, including three hostages, 20 Ugandans and the commander of the rescue team, Yoni Netanyahu.

But according to the newly released documents, the Shin Bet, and the PFLP are alleged to have teamed up in an "unholy alliance" in an attempt to change foreign policy in the Middle East.

Another "false-flag op from the world's most notorious regime, Israel. These murderous bastards are willing to exploit any opening and kill anyone to make the world feel sorry for their theft of Palestine land and the continuing genocide perpetuated upon the Palestinians.
One name in this article sticks out: Yoni Netanyahu. Is this the brother of that noted war-monger, Bibi?

Hey Hollywood, i smell a "Speilberg" type three hanky pic in this story. Give me a call, babe.


  1. Yes Greg yoni is the brother bibi, it was yoni who gave bibi his fame. yoni had the kohunas while bibi had the mouth. Luckily he was killed but unfortunately we still have bibi.

  2. Glad to hear you're still alive and well. Had me a bit worried there for a couple of days.

    When i finally calmed down after reading that article about the Uganda hijacking, saw the info about "Bibi."

    Got so pissed of for awhile i couldn't see straight.

    I know that both the MOSSAD and our CIA were behind 9/11.

    But this article brings up all sorts of possibilities, all the way from the 1972 Munich Olympics to the present.

    With the truth starting to creep out, Israel's Zionists must be getting a bit scared that their "boogeyman" is going to be exposed.

    Look for another "Angry Arab Terrorist attack"
    They'll need to sacrifice some more innocent blood to appease their god of death and destruction.


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