Wednesday, June 13, 2007


General who helped redraw the borders of Israel says road map to peace is a lie. The man who commanded Gaza and the West Bank soon after the Six Day War talks to Donald Macintyre in Tel Aviv. Published: 10 June 2007

Shortly after the Six Day War, 40 years ago, Shlomo Gazit was put in charge of Gaza and the West Bank. Today, the retired general is in favour of talks with Hamas, describes the road map as a "pretext" for Israel not to negotiate with the Palestinians, and thinks the idea that the US can or should veto a peace process between Jerusalem and Damascus is a " nonsense".

While acknowledging that the post-war Israeli Labour government allowed that process to start, Mr Gazit blames Menachem Begin's Likud, which swept to power in 1977, for the policy of "creeping annexation". That paved the way for the 250,000 settlers in the West Bank today, and helped to " destroy any hope" of the 1978 Camp David accords leading to full Palestinian autonomy. "When Labour left office, there were maybe 5,000 settlers," he says. "Begin said, 'We're going to have 100,000.' I wish we [only] had 100,000 today."

Any guess as to who tells more lies? The choice is between George Bush and the state of Israel.

Stumped? Me too. Both are addicted to pathological lying. One would need a huge calculator to keep running track of these two serial fabricators.
Another trait these two deviants have in common is using lies to launch illegal and immoral wars against other nations.
Think Israel holds the record for that abomination, but the USA is close behind in the number two spot.

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