Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hamastan and Fatahland

Ariel Sharon's Dream By AKIVA ELDAR

If Ariel Sharon were able to hear the news from the Gaza Strip and West Bank, he would call his loyal aide, Dov Weissglas, and say with a big laugh: "We did it, Dubi." Sharon is in a coma, but his plan is alive and kicking. Everyone is now talking about the state of Hamastan. In his house, they called it a bantustan, after the South African protectorates designed to perpetuate apartheid.
Just as in the Palestinian territories, blacks and colored people in South Africa were given limited autonomy in the country's least fertile areas. Those who remained outside these isolated enclaves, which were disconnected from each other, received the status of foreign workers, without civil rights. A few years ago, Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema told Israeli friends that shortly before he was elected prime minister, Sharon told him that the bantustan plan was the most suitable solution to our conflict.

Straight from the horse's mouth--or in Sharon's case, a different part of the horse's anatomy would be appropriate--that all the trouble, strife and death that is taking place in Gaza was planned for by Israel for years, in order to turn Gaza into a "BANTUSTAN." Bantus were created by the then racist and bigoted South African regime to keep total control over their indigenous blacks by means of isolation, deprivation and very little, if any of the rights of the white South Africans thru a system of segregation and discrimination on grounds of race.

Now, it's racist Israel's turn to enact the sordid and failed policies of that deposed apartheid state of South Africa on the indigenous people of Palestine's Gaza Strip. This means more woe, misery and a slow death for what is left of the Gaza strip. What's left after that "peace loving" nation Israel gets thru with bombing, strafing, napalming and terrorizing the indigenous Palestinians into extinction.

As for Israel, that nation likes to say it is a "peaceful" nation. The only peace Israel wants is: A piece of Lebanon; A piece of Jordan; A piece of Syria; A piece of Saudi Arabia; A piece of Iraq; A piece of Egypt and whatever pieces are left of Palestine after Israel completes its genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.

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