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A good deal was already known about the genocidal practice of the Israelis in 1967 thanks to Arthur C. Forrest's The Unholy Land (1971). Forrest was sent by a consortium of North American church magazines to research rumors that the Israelis were not in fact allowing the refugees back into Palestine, in spite of their carefully staged claims to the contrary. Forrest quickly learned that refugees were still fleeing across the Allenby Bridge; that many had been attacked by Israeli planes using napalm; that the camp at Jericho which had held some 65,000 refugees from 1948, had been attacked and thousands driven across the River into Jordan by planes using machine gins and napalm; that survivors from the Jordanian Army said whole field hospitals had been napalmed. Of course Forrest was bitterly attacked for daring to criticize Israel, especially for revealing the truth about Israeli use of napalm against civilians and hospitals.

One of the horror stories being told in Amman was of the experiences of fleeing refugees being sprayed with napalm. At first I didn't believe it and shuddered at the thought of using some of the pictures of victims available in Jordan. 'If it were pictures of Vietnam you'd publish them wouldn't you?' a Palestinian said. (Forrest 16)

The greater part of the Jordan army were destroyed by napalm [.] Glubb quotes from a signed statement by a team of doctors from the American University of Beirut.[...] 'A doctor reported that the Mobile Field Hospital, containing 350 patients, was incinerated with all its patients and staff by napalm,' Glubb says. (Forrest 16)

Forrest took photographs of some of the burned victims, one of which he later published in the United Church Observer, his Church paper in Canada, of a little girl recovering from napalm burns. "That, I was told, proved I was anti-Semitic. To condemn napalm in Vietnam is alright. To report its use by the Israelis is considered anti-Semitic" (Forrest 17). When Forrest asked for permission to visit the three destroyed villages Yalu, Beit Nuba, and Emmaus, he was refused on grounds that "There isn't any Beit Nuba!" (15). Nevertheless Forrest managed to travel to the devastated area. From survivors whom he asked about the destruction of these villages in retribution for their resistance in 1948 he learned that Israeli bulldozers demolished houses over the heads of the elderly who perished in the rubble (15).

Forrest, Arthur C. The Unholy Land. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart Limited, 1971-1972.

Using NAPALM on civilians? Between the "ZOF" having standard orders to shoot Palestinian kids in either the head or neck--which is called the "kill" shot by snipers--and dumping NAPALM on civilians, Israel is by far the most reprehensible nation on the earth. It is a nation of thugs, gangsters and war criminals who get their jollies by torturing, maiming and killing Palestinian civilans. These acts are committed during the continuing illegal and immoral Zionist occupation of Palestine.
This Palestinian Holocaust that Israel is perpetuating upon the indigenous Palestinians will continue unabated, until the Zionist crazies are run out of Israel and brought to trial for their massive amount of war crimes. Just don't hold your breath waiting for this to happen.

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