Sunday, June 10, 2007


One witness said: "They [Israeli soldiers] came like wild dogs and when they did, they opened the door and started shooting. The soldier killed an old man, the head of the household.

"His wife came out screaming so the soldier shot her and then he shot his brother and then the children. Go and look at the house. It's a pool of blood."

One relative of the victim said the shooting was indiscriminate.

"He [an Israeli soldier] shot the boy inside and then the two girls and my wife in the other room. In every room he opened fire," he said.

Witnesses at the scene accused the Israeli soldiers of firing at young children. Al-Jabari's daughter was still covered in blood when she described what happened..

Looks like the bastards and murderers known as the IOF also enjoy the shooting of the unarmed elderly. All for the crime of being a Palestinian.
Of course, the sick and twisted IOF never let a day go by without engaging in one of their favorite pursuits, shooting children.

The IOF, like the zombies they are, constantly go about searching for human flesh to devour. Which they first tenderize by shooting that human being full of holes with their machine guns.
The IOF is populated with ghouls and it's interesting to note that the word "ghoul" is originally from the Arabic "gul." A gul being ‘a desert demon believed to rob graves and devour corpses.’

Grave robbers that devour human flesh, what an apt description of the IOF. Since the Zionazi's have turned what is left of Palestine into one huge graveyard with their continuing genocide of the indigenous Palestinians, they've assured themselves of an unlimited supply of flesh to devour.

If there is a more sick and twisted bunch of subhumans on the planet other than the Zionazi's, they've yet to be found.

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