Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Israeli Apartheid is the Core of the Crisis


In the Occupied Territories, Palestinians are subject to arbitrary military regulations, while Israeli settlers are governed by Israeli law. It is no accident that the barrier being built by Israel in the West Bank is called by Israelis the "gader hafrada". Like the Afrikaans word "apartheid", the Hebrew word "hafrada" means "separation". The Israeli barrier separates Jewish settlements from Palestinian villages, usually also separating those villages from their farmland.

It was an apartheid mentality that nourished the desire of establishing and maintaining a state with a Jewish demographic majority and character. The well-planned ethnic cleansing, in 1948, of 750000 indigenous people was apartheid practice par excellence. It is apartheid which prevents the expelled and their descendants from returning: this apartheid denies residence to expellees from my former home district, the Galilee, but grants it, not just to Israeli-born Jews like me, but to Jews all over the world. It is apartheid law that creates a wall of discrimination between Jewish and Arab citizens of the Israeli state. It is an Apartheid mentality that prompts some Israeli Jews to view their Arab fellow-citizens as a "demographic threat".

The truth is that there has virtually never been any real "left" in Israel. So-called left-wing Israelis share their right-wing compatriots' support for the state ideology.


That Israel is the 21st Century version of the former brutally racist and murderous apartheid South African regime is a given. What is not a given is that Americans will ever know much about the atrocities Israel commits on a daily basis in Occupied Palestine. Why? Because the American MSM is either owned or controlled by the Zionist's.

They control what goes into the MSM and what comes out. As the computer saying goes, "Garbage In, Garbage Out." And that's the state of the so-called news today in America. A steady stream of well framed garbage goes into the MSM empire and a steady stream of garbage comes out the other end, all to be digested by brain dead Americans.

Israel and its crazed Likudnik party will continue on with the planned mass extermination of the indigenous Palestinians, all the while being supplied with money, weapons and political backing from America. We Americans have much meatier fare to digest, such as the front page article in the 6/26 issue of the New York Times, with a large color photo. What was it that so captured the news eye NYT editors that it was splashed across the front page? War? Famine? Assassination? NONE of those. It was a story about Paris Hilton getting out of jail...OMG!!!!!!

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