Friday, June 15, 2007


"I Was Not Prepared for the Horrors I Saw"


Hedy Epstein, 82, was born in Germany in 1924(1). She was the only child of parents who died in the Nazi extermination camps. She is a tireless worker for human rights and for the dignity of all people.

Hedy decided to visit Palestine in 2003. She returned terribly shocked with what she had seen there, women and children defenceless, Palestinians locked up into ghettos, an entire people brutalized.

In 1982, I received my personal wake-up call: the terrible massacres in the two refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila in Lebanon. I needed to find out what the tragedy was all about, why it happened, and who was responsible. Then, when I found out, I needed to learn more about the history of what happened between 1948, when Israel became a state, and 1982 in Sabra and Chatila. When I was learning, I realized that I hadn't paid attention to what was going on with Israel. And the more I learned and the more I understood, the more I became disturbed by what the Israeli government was doing, and doing in my name.

The TRUTH about the concentration camps Israel has erected in and around the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to hurry the demise of the indigenous Palestinians. From the only child of parents who died in the Nazi extermination camps, Hedy speaks the TRUTH. TRUTH that is largely hidden from the rest of the so-called "civilized" world. TRUTH that Zionists and their lackeys do not want the world to see.

Why? If the world actually knew the TRUTH about the Zionist constructed Palestine concentration camps, there would be a backlash in the form of a boycott against Israel, like the one the world took against the South African Apartheid Regime. Well, most of the world. Guess what two nations choose not to join the boycott against the SA Apartheid regime? The United States and Israel.

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