Friday, June 29, 2007


In the same letter he wrote to GOP members instructing them to vote against the foreign operations bill, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) reminded them to sign a letter to AIPAC explaining their opposition.

"Members are advised that the Leadership has drafted a letter to AIPAC affirming Republican support for Israel funding, not withstanding final passage of this bill," Boehner wrote in a P.S. to the e-mail. "This letter will be available for Members to sign at the Leadership Desk on the floor tonight."

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the House majority leader, excoriated such explanations in a statement to JTA.

"It is unconscionable that Republicans would support amendments cutting money from the foreign operations bill that directly impacts U.S. funding to Israel," he said. "Democrats stand with Israel – and we will not allow cuts to go through that are irresponsible at best and downright dangerous at worst."

"The only thing that counts in U.S. support for Israel is the foreign ops budget in its entirety," he said. "That is the litmus test."


Given the fact that Israel's budget is in the black by over NIS 8 Billion, one has to wonder why the U.S. is giving any money to the crazed Likudnik party that has as it's primary goal the mass extermination of the indigenous Palestinians.

Why is the U.S. Congress giving close to 10 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR in various forms of aid to a country that has a budget surplus?

Why are we supporting the racist, apartheid Israeli regime, which is continuing the slaughter of the indigenous Palestinians?

Why? Because a large majority of the U.S. Congress has sold itself out to Israeli interests. This Congress is quite possibly, the most corrupt and inefficient Congress in the history of our nation. They constantly grovel at the feet of lobbies like AIPAC, begging for attention and money.

While Congress supplicates itself to Israel's needs, the needs of America take a back seat, only mentioned in focus group honed "sound bites" that convey the image that the Congress actually knows and cares about America, but the reality on the ground--as in the still devastated City of New Orleans--is that the current Congress kneels obediently (like a dog hoping for a treat) in front of its true Master, Israel, at the same time hiking up one of its rear legs to piss on its constituents.

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