Sunday, June 3, 2007


Sarah Helm set off by car to see Palestinians in Jenin but soon found that her road map was of no use. In the four decades after the Six-Day War, a labyrinth of walls, unmarked roads and checkpoints has arisen, hiding whole towns from Israeli eyes
Not only can Israelis nowadays not 'see' Palestinians any more, but to all intents and purposes whole Palestinian cities have disappeared. Journeying through the West Bank my own disorientation began from the moment I set out from Jerusalem. At first I tried to leave the city by one of my old routes, but just before the Arab suburb of Abu Dis I ran into the Wall. 'Warsaw ghetto/Abu Dis ghetto' was emblazoned on the wall at this point and my friends were quite unreachable on the other side.,,2094145,00.html

My, my, my... Isn't that handy? By making whole Palestinian towns "disappear" to the naked eye, Israel can continue to carry on the brutal slaughter and butchery of the indigenous Palestinians without the world being able to see the genocide.

Gotta give to those Israeli's... They've taken the Nazi's old plan of mass extermination and improved on its efficiency. By hiding the towns behind concrete walls and barriers, it also gives those "brave" men and women of the IOF places to hide behind so they can easily shoot kids in the head.
Israel, you do Heinrich Himmler proud.

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