Tuesday, June 5, 2007


25% of illegal building in W. Bank on Arab land
By Uri Blau

At least 25 percent of the structures built by Israelis in the West Bank's Area C (full Israeli control) were constructed on private Arab-owned land, an internal report by the Civil Administration found.

According to the report, only 0.5 percent of the illegal structures were constructed on land registered to Jewish owners.

The data also indicate that Israel is practicing a discriminatory policy: It is more lenient on illegal construction by Jews than by Palestinians.

The administration has located 2,764 illegal structures, of which more than 650 were built on private-owned Palestinian lands. Another 900 were built on territory whose legal status has not yet been determined. Only 15 were built on land registered to Jewish owners.


Lying, stealing, running a concentration camp and murdering Palestinians in Palestine. This massive slaughter of Palestinians by the Zionazi's in Israel is an abomination. The Palestinian Holocaust, perpetuated by the Zionazi's and aided and abetted by the United States, shows no sign of letting up.

How much longer will the world stand by, with its collective head stuck up its arse and pretend they aren't seeing the Israeli's murder, rape, imprison, starve and steal what little is left of Palestine and the indigenous Palestinians? After the Palestinians are exterminated, anyone capable of rational thought knows that Israel will start stealing the land and water resources of another country. If anyone speaks up, Zionazi's and their sycophants will scream "Anti-Semite", shed a few crocodile tears, then go on about their sick and twisted way of destroying another nation.

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