Thursday, June 28, 2007


US 'behind Baghdad hotel blast' Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:36:38

Blast in Mansour Hotel in central Baghdad left at least 12 people dead.

An Iraqi official has accused the United States of being behind the suicide bomb that killed at least 12 in a hotel in central Baghdad.

Muhammad al-Saberi, Iraqi envoy for talks with tribal leaders in Jordan and Syria, on Tuesday held the Bush Administration responsible for the blast at the Mansour Hotel, where a group of Sunni tribal leaders from Iraq's Anbar province had gathered to discuss ways and means of curbing ongoing violence in the country.

"Because the gathering [in the hotel] was supposed to be a step toward establishing national unity among Iraqi tribes, the US, through its terrorist operatives, tried to thwart the move," IRIB quoted al- Saberi as saying.

The Iraqi official said that Washington knows full well that if security and stability come into Iraq from one door, its troops have to leave from the other and have no more pretext to prolong their stay.

"That's why the White House is at odds with bringing peace into Iraq," he observed.


The brutal truth, from a brutal part of the world. Brutal because the tyrants of America, the Bush-Cheney Gang, have deliberately turned Iraq into a living hell.
The Bush-Cheney Gang cares nothing for freedoms, human rights or even humans. They only lust for and subsist on power and are willing to kill anyone to obtain their daily fix of this aphrodisiac.

That the daily carnage in Iraq was engineered by the Bush-Cheney Gang is obvious. They care nothing about other people, only themselves.
The Bush-Cheney Gang knew before they launched the illegal and immoral war against Iraq that in order for the U.S. to have a continuing presence in the Land of the Two Rivers, that there could be no peace in Iraq.

The order of the day from the Bush-Cheney Gang from the beginning was to sow chaos and harvest destruction from the embattled people of that nation.
The Bush-Cheney Gang have been implementing the Salvador Option in Iraq. This insane strategy dictates that U.S. sponsored murderers, rapists, thieves and trained assassins, be turned loose on the Iraqi's with predictable results.
As long as the Bush-Cheney Gang are let loose in Iraq, to do the devil's bidding, there will be no peace in that country.

If you say this is insane, then look at the matter this way: If after the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, matters turned out peacefully and the Iraqi's were well on their way to the so-called "Democracy" the liar Bush promised, there would be NO need for US troops in that nation.

The Iraqi's would be free to govern themselves and sell their oil to the highest bidder.

But thanks to the Bush-Cheney Gang letting loose the hounds of hell upon Iraqi's, the Bush-Cheney Gang has a convenient excuse to maintain a military presence in Iraq until.... the OIL runs out.

One need to look no further than the U.S. written and sponsored "Theft of Iraqi Oil" act that the Bush-Cheney Gang is trying mightily to get past the Iraqi Parliament.

This brazen theft of Iraqi oil gives nearly 80% of Iraqi oil to what is called "Big Oil." Or, the Bush-Cheney Gangs close Houston, Texas buddies.
The act was written by "Big Oil" lobbyists and benefits only the corrupt bastards that have aligned themselves with the murderous Bush-Cheney Gang.

Except the Iraqi's aren't following their part of the script. The Iraqi Freedom Fighters are waging a Battle Royal against the murderous thugs, rapist and assassins of the Bush-Cheney Gang and my money is on the brave Iraqi people to win this battle for their oil and their country.

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