Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Palestinians won’t accept a Vichy government

Khalid Amayreh, Occupied Jerusalem, 17 June 2007

The Palestinian masses know very well what the US symbolize for them, their children and their enduring cause. It symbolizes oppression in its ugliest forms. It symbolizes mass murder, land theft, dispossession, deprivation and ultimate mendacity and hypocrisy. America is the enabler, sustainer and justifier of 40 years of Israeli Nazism whose ultimate goal is the obliteration of Palestinians as a nation, by arrogating their homeland for them and making their future as precarious as possible.

In short, America to the Palestinians is very much like what Nazi Germany was to the Jews. Hence, any government agreeing to throw itself into the American lap will lose its legitimacy if not its very existence. This is probably the reason why Palestinians in the Gaza Strip didn’t fight for Muhammed Dahlan and his men.

That happened while the US and Israel (and also the hypocritical EU governments) made sure to starve and impoverish ordinary Palestinians in the hope that they would revolt against Hamas and abandon Palestinian aspirations, in return for bread and American money.

Yes, America gave us weapons to kill each other, while making sure to starve and torment us, as if the Nazis of our time wanted us to kill and be killed hungry.

These are not allegations or unsubstantiated claims but well-known facts. US officials and media have been openly speaking about igniting civil war in Gaza and the West Bank. Elliot Abrams, who is answerable to AIPAC, even boasted about his success in setting Palestinians against each other.


The Palestinian Holocaust is happening right under our noses and who is saying "STOP!" Not the United States, nor the United Nations, not that so-called "great lover of peace, Israel.

The US supplied the weapons to FATAH and the Israeli's helped get the weapons into Gaza. Now, Israel and the US will sit back, laugh and pat each other on the back for being clever at getting Palestinians to kill one another. And whatever is left over will be obliterated by the "peace loving" Israeli's.

The only "peace" Israel wants is: A piece of Lebanon; A piece of Jordan; A piece of Syria; A piece of Saudi Arabia; A piece of Iraq; A piece of Egypt and whatever pieces are left of Palestine after Israel completes its genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.

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