Sunday, June 24, 2007


Probe: W. Bank settlers uproot 300 Palestinian olive trees
By Yuval Azoulay, Haaretz Correspondent

A Civil Administration inquiry has found that residents of the West Bank settlement outpost of Adei Ad uprooted 300 olive trees belonging to Palestinian farmers about a week ago and replanted about half of them in the outpost, according to a source in the Civil Administration.

"An investigation was carried out, and the Adei Ad residents' claim that the trees belong to them was refuted," the source said. "What they did was illegal."

Pinchas Wallerstein, chair of the Benjamin Regional Council, said the trees are from an olive orchard that "has been worked for years by employees and relatives of the recently deceased Yossi Schoker." Since the orchard did not bear fruit this year, he said, it was decided to uproot and replant it.

"Residents of Adei Ad asked for and received permission to use the uprooted tree to landscape their community. Any other version is utter nonsense," said Wallerstein. "That orchard was worked by Jews for years. Olives from that orchard were in last year's Olive Festival with Civil Administration permission, and the military prohibited Palestinians from coming close to that land, because they knew that Jews worked it."

Haaretz Article

Under Jewish Law, or as its known in Occupied Palestine, "Halacha", Jews regard possession as being nine-tenths of the law.

By using the unwritten law of the "Halacha", it's easy for the Zionist occupiers of Palestine to steal not only the indigenous Palestinians olive trees--which are held in high esteem by the Palestinians, due to the sustenance the trees provide and their ability to live for centuries and endure hardship--but also the land of the Palestinians.

Theft made even easier by having the Zionist Occupation Force (ZOF) standing by at the ready with machine guns and tanks, ready to blast the indigenous Palestinians into oblivion if they try and work their land and tend to their beloved olive trees.

Once the ZOF has threatened, bullied and used force against the indigenous Palestinians to run them off their land, then the Jewish criminals, mobsters and terrorists can easily steal that land and claim, under "Halacha", that the purloined land now belongs to the Zionists.

What a sweet racket these Zionists have. Stealing the land of the indigenous Palestinians, a theft made easy, by the backing of the military muscle of the ZOF.

This is nothing more than state sponsored terrorism and state sponsored theft, two qualities that are endemic to the Zionists.

Israel is nothing more than a continuing criminal enterprise using fraud, threats, theft and massive force against the indigenous Palestinians.

This is Israel's version of the Nazi's "FINAL SOLUTION" to continue on with the extermination of the Palestinians in the ongoing Palestinian Holocaust.

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