Wednesday, July 4, 2007


That scene of a field of apricot trees being ripped from the Earth by an Israeli bulldozer has been on replay ever since I lay in the Israeli prison bed. Israeli soldiers and police throwing men and women to the ground as they pray to Allah for this moment in time to cease. Sons are handcuffed. Activists are seen like rag dolls being tossed from here to there. Hundreds of years of livelihood dismantled by the Middle East's only democracy. And soon I find myself forced onto a plane by Israeli security because I bared witness, video-taped and photographed all that this democracy had to offer. I saw this democracy bare its teeth with its unpleasant smile, seeping through a stench of death, a 60 year old rotting lie of innocence.

I wonder if when Oprah makes her solidarity visit for those "terrorized Israelis" she will see what's happening across the "border," listening to my or the thousands of other e-mails pleading that America's #1 talk show host experience the Palestinian plight, to see what terrorism means at 2am when an entourage of soldiers invades your village and practices a war games scenario, wreaking havoc on the inhabitants. Somehow I doubt it.

Israel wouldn't deport a high-profile American woman like Oprah because she reported on Israeli settlers attacking an 8-year old Palestinian boy in Hebron, would they?


Another case of the Middle East's "only" Democracy, beating up someone who dare speak up against atrocities committed by the ZOF--Zionist Occupation Force.

Israel is anything but a "Democracy." It only gives rights to its Jewish citizens, while at the same time denying those rights to the indigenous Palestinians.

The only "rights" the ZOF hands out to the indigenous Palestinians are a right fist up side of their head; or a rifle butt to the stomach. When the ZOF tires of these games, they just start shooting anything that moves. Their favorite targets are children, whom they take delight in shooting in the head.

While the ZOF is busy handing out "rights", the corrupt Israeli government is busy stealing Palestine's wealth, by confiscating monies owed to Palestinians. Money craftily collected by the corrupt Zionist government. Like the current amount owed, $600 MILLION DOLLARS.

The greedy Zionists keep this stolen loot bearing interest--for the Zionists, of course--and make promises to dole out the money only when quislings like Abbas, start jumping thru hoops.

Another favorite theft of the Zionists is to not allow Palestine to drill the natural gas fields just off the coast of Gaza. The Israeli's have plans for that resource and it doesn't involve letting the Palestinians use the NG for their own means.

Beating up protesters; shooting Palestinian kids in the head and stealing money owed to Palestine. All in all, a hearty day's work for the thieves, liars and murderers that make up the Zionist dominated Israeli government.

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