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Hagee, Israel backers push a get-tough policy
Web Posted: 07/22/2007 01:29 AM CDT
Abe Levy Express-News

WASHINGTON — Inside a reserved Senate room, several hundred evangelical activists who came by plane and bus Wednesday waited for the arrival of Texas' two senators.
As their leader, Pastor John Hagee, entered the room, they erupted in cheers, snapping photos of the face of modern Christian Zionism, a movement that promotes Israel as a biblical mandate.
The room turned silent as Hagee greeted Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn near the stage. Hagee looked the senators in the eye and said: "These people are from Texas — and they are voters."
That message came through loud and clear last week as Hagee and 4,500 like-minded Christians visited the Capitol to lobby for Israel and a get-tough policy against Iran. Motivating them is their belief that Israel's fate is tied to that of the free world.
"We didn't come to Washington to figure out what Washington thinks," Hagee said. "We came to Washington to express our views, and we came as people. People hold the power in America."
Pastor of the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and a world-reknowned TV evangelist, Hagee organized the lobbying blitz (the second in two years) to try to exert political power in Middle East policy, including consideration of a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

Known for his fiery apocalyptic sermons and books, such as "Jerusalem Countdown," Hagee, 67, is no stranger to conservative Republican politics and mobilizing Christians to vote.

Last week, along with the visit to Congress, CUFI conducted a three-day summit for 4,500 delegates that included seminars on the evils of militant Islamic groups, lessons on effective lobbying, the showing of pro-Israel documentaries, banquets for donors and its signature event, Night to Honor Israel, which was broadcast on Israeli TV.

Inside the convention center, high-profile Israeli and U.S. government leaders revved up the audience with impassioned speeches by, among others, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay also attended.

At a banquet for $1,000-plus donors the night before, Sen. Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut independent and practicing Jew, praised CUFI and likened Hagee to Moses as a "leader of a multitude."

"The support of Christian Zionists is critical to Israel's security and strength," he said, "and to America's security and strength."


This is the face of "Christianity" in America. A face contorted with hate, lies and hypocrisy. Religious hypocrisy that is carefully nurtured and stoked by racists like Hagee.

Hagee is one of those lunatics who salivates at the prospect of mushroom clouds popping up over Iran, Syria and any other Arab/Muslim nation he hates with a vengeance.

Hatred that he has managed to turn into quite the BU$INE$$, shaking down the feeble minded who think that by introducing a nuclear WW III, or their beloved "End Times" scenario, they will be zoomed up to heaven, while the rest of us infidels roast in a man-made Hell.

If Hagee were not so influential, this could be laughed off as the ravings of one gone mad. But Hagee has political connections that go all the way to the White House, where the Smirking Idiot Chimp holds court.

Whatever happened to teaching to love one another? Or, Blessed are the Peacemkers? Too peaceful for war mongers like Hagee, who are leading their flocks, like lemmings, off the cliff named "Apocalypse."

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