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Jewish Terrorists Assassinate U.N. Peacekeeper Count Folke Bernadotte
By Donald Neff September 1995

It was 47 years ago, Sept. 17, 1948, when Jewish terrorists assassinated Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden as he sought to bring peace to the Middle East. His three-car convoy had been stopped at a small improvised roadblock in Jewish-controlled West Jerusalem when two gunmen began shooting out the tires of the cars and a third gunman thrust a Schmeisser automatic pistol through the open back window of Bernadotte's Chrysler. The 54-year-old diplomat, sitting on the right in the back, was hit by six bullets and died instantly. A French officer sitting next to Bernadotte was killed accidentally.

The assassins were members of Lehi (Lohamei Herut Israel—Fighters for the Freedom of Israel), better known as the Stern Gang. Its three leaders had decided a week earlier to have Bernadotte killed because they believed he was partial to the Arabs. One of those leaders was Yitzhak Shamir, who in 1983 would become prime minister of Israel.1

Bernadotte had been chosen the United Nations mediator for Palestine four months earlier in what was the U.N.'s first serious attempt at peacemaking in the post-World War II world. As a hero of the war, when his mediation efforts on behalf of the International Red Cross saved 20,000 persons, including thousands of Jews, from Nazi concentration camps, Bernadotte seemed a natural choice for the post.2 The terms of the mediator's mandate were to "promote a peaceful adjustment of the future situation in Palestine" and to allow him to mediate beyond the terms of the Partition Plan.3

During the lull, Bernadotte had put forward his first proposal for solving the conflict. Instead, it was to seal his fate. Bernadotte's transgression, in the view of Jewish zealots, was to include in his June 28 proposal the suggestion that Jerusalem be placed under Jordanian rule, since all the area around the city was designated for the Arab state.4

The U.N. partition plan had declared Jerusalem an international city that was to be ruled by neither Arab nor Jew. But the Jewish terrorists, including Shamir and Menachem Begin, the leader of the largest terrorist group, Irgun Zvai Leumi—National Military Organization, also known by the Hebrew acronym "Etzel"—had rejected partition and claimed all of Palestine and Jordan for the Jewish state. These Jewish extremists were horrified at Bernadotte's suggestion.


Israel's "Zionazi's" know they have less than 18 months to help launch another illegal and immoral war of aggression, this time against Iran.

With most of the western powers bogged down in either Afghanistan or Iraq and not willing to fight another war for Israel, the Zionazi's will probably resort to a time honored tactic: Using either the MOSSAD or Shin-Bet to launch another "false-flag" op against an American asset in the region. Like attacking one of the US aircraft carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf.

Or, maybe Israel will pull off another 9/11 spectacle inside U.S. borders. The MOSSAD are WELL experienced in that type of black bag operation.

After Israel pulls off this murderous attack against America, the American MSM will be screaming about how it was some type of Iranian plot to strike at America. Never mind the facts, just give us blood.
With American blood lust boiling for revenge, President Cheney and his trained sidekick, the Smirking Idiot Chimp, will launch a massive air strike against Iran, most likely using nuclear weapons.
After all, the Smirking Idiot Chimp talks to "Gawd" and his "Gawd" has told the Chimp to smite Iran and bring about his beloved "End Times Scenario."

Again, American troops will be fighting and dying in a war for Israeli domination of the MIddle East.

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