Thursday, July 26, 2007


By ARON HELLER, Associated Press WriterSun Jul 22, 1:45 PM ET

When an explosion goes off on a busy Israeli street these days, it seems as likely to be a mob hit as a Palestinian attack.

Rival underworld gangs are waging bloody battles for control of gambling and protection rackets, targeting each other with bullets, bombs and anti-tank missiles.

Organized crime, long overshadowed by the Arab-Israeli conflict, has become such a part of everyday life that Israel has its own "Sopranos"-style TV series, "The Arbitrator," in which even synagogues are no refuge from hit men.

The mob wars have killed dozens of gangsters and at least eight bystanders in the last three years, and exposed law enforcement officers in scandalous complicity.

"Organized crime has always been there, it's just that now the measures have gotten harsher," said Yossi Sedbon, a former police commander who spent years tracking the mafia. "This is something that should worry the police and the public."
In a single day in June, for example, the media reported that a reputed mobster — a former soldier in an elite army unit — was killed by an explosion while riding his motorcycle; a large bomb was defused under the car seat of a gangster's son; and the courts announced increased security for judges threatened by criminals.


The true face of Zionism is coming to light and it isn't a pretty sight. These Israeli mobsters are fighting over the spoils stolen from the indigenous Palestinians over the last 60 years.

These Zionist gangsters are using some of the same tactics they have used to steal property, land and even life from the Palestinians.

One can only hope that in the course of these Zionist Gang Wars, they manage to eliminate themselves entirely and leave Palestine to the Palestinians.

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  1. Later for this. I'm worried about obama being elected president. Our great nation will not be great any more if that happens.


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