Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Israeli Defense Force, under then Defense Minister Ariel Sharon, instructed the Christian Phalange militia to enter the camp. Israel's commission of inquiry into the massacre, the Kahan Commission, found Sharon personally responsible and concluded that "it is impossible to justify the Minister of Defense's disregard of the danger of a massacre", adding that "this danger was certainly to have been anticipated". After the onset of the slaughter, U.S. special envoy Morris Draper demanded of Israel that "You must stop the massacres. They are obscene.... You ought to be ashamed. The situation is rotten and terrible. They are killing children. You are in absolute control of the area and therefore responsible for that area." Israeli writer Amos Elon likened it to "A man who puts a snake into a child's bed and says: 'I'm sorry. I told the snake not to bite. I didn't know snakes were so dangerous.' It's impossible to understand. This man's a war criminal." Ze'ev Schiff, another well known Israeli writer, similarly commented that "whoever allowed the Phalangists to enter the refugee camps on their own can be compared to one who allows a fox into the chicken coop and then wonders why the chickens were all eaten."


More Israeli butchery, wanton slaughter and war crimes from the planet's #1 criminal regime, the ZIONAZI'S of Israel. Was anyone held accountable for Israel helping murder the refugees seeking shelter from the sick and twisted Israeli actions? No. Wellllll, the notorious mass murderer Sharon lost his position as Defense Minister. Ouch, did that hurt, Ariel Baby? But it didn't hurt as much as an American supplied, Israeli bullet fired into some helpless Palestinian kids head.

Years later, Sharon was rewarded by his gang of thugs by getting elected as Israel's Prime Minister, where he could again, drench his hands in Palestinian blood.

25 years later after the Shatilla Massacre, Israel is again, engaging in its favorite sport: Butchering and Slaughtering Palestinians in the ZIONAZI's never ending quest to forcibly remove, by either threats or force, every Palestinian from their native land.

The Israeli initiated and sponsored PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST is proceeding apace and the majority of the world either looks the other way, or joins in the mass murder of Palestinians by supporting the demented Likudnik Party.

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