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(AMMAN -- August 27, 2002) -- An Israeli organization has published detailed plans for the "complete elimination of the Arab demographic threat to Israel" by forcibly expelling all Palestinians, including Palestinians in the occupied territories and Palestinian citizens of Israel from the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea within a 3-5 year period.

Gamla, a group founded by former Israeli military officers and settlers, published these recommendations on its website in a nine thousand word manifesto titled "The logistics of transfer," penned by Boris Shusteff last July 3. The mass ethnic cleansing of every Palestinian, the author argues, is "the only possible solution" to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and is "substantiated by the Torah." ( Gamla receives tax deductible contributions from a New York-based charity that claims that its goal is greater Arab-Jewish tolerance.

The manifesto recognizes that Israel will never win widespread support for expulsion, but argues that it needs "only a modicum of support from its closest ally -- the United States," in order to carry out the plan.

Under the plan, Israel would launch an information campaign and increase economic strangulation of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip to force them to leave "voluntarily." One measure would be to deprive Palestinians of employment, literally starving them out (one could say that this policy is already being implemented). Palestinian citizens of Israel would face complete apartheid and religious coercion as Israel would "pass a law that will stipulate in some form that non-Jewish citizens of the state, while retaining full and irrevocable civil rights, will have no ability to participate in Israeli political life." Failing that, the paper continues, "Israeli Arabs can be given one more option - to convert to Judaism if they prefer to stay put."


Documented proof of the deranged Zionist plan to ethnically cleanse the indigenous Palestinians from their homeland.

A plan that was proceeding apace, until the thugs, rapists and murderers of the ZOF (Zionist Occupation Force) ran into a little problem last Summer when Israel invaded Lebanon.

A rag-tag group of Hezbollah Freedom Fighters, only armed with small caliber weapons and a few explosives, kick the hell out of the ZOF and sent them packing, licking their wounds and crying, back to Occupied Palestine (Israel).

If the hardy Hezbollah fighters had not handed the ZOF a resounding defeat, then the Zionist plan for ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians would be in high gear.

Instead, the ZIONAZI's are forced to pick upon the Gaza Strip, blockading that part of Occupied Palestine and denying sufficient quantities of food, medicine, water and fuel to reach the Gazans.

Denying the basics of life to Gazans, trying to starve them into submission, is one of the most reprehensible acts committed by the ZOF.

Except the deliberate shooting of Palestinian children in the head by the ZOF War Mongers.

But what can one expect from a trained and vicious group of killers like the ZOF?

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