Friday, July 27, 2007


Last fall, in the aftermath of a summer of daily Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe characterized as a deliberate genocide what was then an average daily death toll of eight Palestinians in Israeli artillery and air strikes. Following Israel's disengagement from Gaza in 2005, the Israeli political and military leadership, recognizing that Gaza's almost 1.5 million Palestinians were hermetically sealed into a tiny geographical prison, had come to view them as an extremely dangerous community of inmates, which, in Pappe's words, had "to be eliminated one way or another." With no way to escape, Gaza's Palestinians could not be subjected to the gradual ethnic cleansing occurring in the West Bank, and so, at a loss as to how to deal with this massive problem, Israel was simply implementing a "daily business of slaying Palestinians, mainly children," always using Palestinian resistance as its excuse on security grounds for inexorably escalating its attacks.

Palestinian resistance, Pappe noted, has always provided Israel with the security rationale for its assaults on the Palestinians -- in 1948, in the late 1980s when the Palestinians belatedly began resisting the occupation, during the second intifada, and following the 2005 disengagement from Gaza. When Israel ultimately escaped international accountability for ethnically cleansing over half of Palestine's native population in 1948, it was given license to incorporate this policy as a legitimate part of its national security agenda. Pappe predicted in 2006 that, if Israel continued to avoid any censure from the international community for its genocidal policy in Gaza, it would inevitably expand the policy. Only international censure, and he believed only the external pressure of boycott, divestment, and sanctions, could stop "the murdering of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip."


The international gang of thieves, thugs, liars and murderers collectively known as the State of Israel continues it's determined genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.

The Jewish mandated, U.S. supported PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST is proceeding apace, and the world pretends not to notice.

The IOF (ISRAELI OCCUPATION FORCE) has turned daily life for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip into a living hell. The ZIONAZI's have turned Gaza into the world's largest prison, dealing the brave and resolute Palestinians a daily diet of death and destruction.

Who will stop this madness? Not the United Nations. Not the Quartet of Four and certainly not GW Bush's pet bitch poodle, the disgraced and impotent Phony Tony Blair.

When the indigenous Palestinians in Gaza have been eliminated thru the Israeli version of the "FINAL SOLUTION", the ZIONAZI'S will turn on their West Bank puppet, Abbas and turn the West Bank into one, huge killing ground.

And again, the world will pretend not to notice while the PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST continues, unabated.


  1. Greg thank you for this article. One, if one has feelings, is just SO frustrated with so called governments of this world.
    Besides Saddam and Hugo, there is no one left fighting for the truth.

  2. Thanks for your hearfelt comments. Here in the States, most people are oblivious to the truth.

    It's obvious that years and years of brain washing and propaganda from the Zionist dominated MSM has done the job.

    The 'Net is the last, best hope to get to some people before the whole damn world becomes too far gone.

    The people getting slaughtered in Palestine and Iraq, Lebanon, etc. are fighting and dying for the freedom of the rest of the world.
    Maybe, hopefully, one day, people will realize that fact.


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