Saturday, July 7, 2007


How much more land will the indigenous Palestinians be forced (often, at gunpoint) to surrender to Israel? As these maps clearly show, nearly all of Palestine has been gobbled up by the rapacious Zionists.


Yet, Israel is still not satisfied. The Zionist dominated state is hell bent on eradicating the Palestinians from their native homeland. And using any and all methods to accomplish this sordid task.

And the alleged "Roadmaps to Peace", so cleverly hawked by the Zionist dominated media? Nothing more than a front to help Israel cover its tracks in its never ending quest to steal even more land and water resources of the Palestinians.

The true "Roadmap to Peace" is one that is fraught with Israeli placed cluster bombs and being shelled and strafed daily by the IOF.

This is the deadly path that Palestinians are being forced to march upon. If the Palestinians are not being chased out of their homes, which are then bulldozed to make way for more Israeli settlements, they are being cooped up in the world's largest prison; the prison that is the Gaza Strip.

The Zionists use the shame of the "Shoah" to make the world feel guilty for something that the present occupants of this planet had no part of, yet, the Zionists are practicing the same monstrous tactics of the Nazi's: The Zionists are solidly behind the 21st Century's version of the Holocaust, only this time, it's the beleaguered Palestinians who are being forced into mass extermination.


  1. Hi Greg

    Re your comment at mine, I have emailed Barabie today but not heard anything back as of yet.

  2. Hi you two, back on, sort of. Won't be like before for another few weeks.
    Lets say my internet access has been greatly reduced.
    Thanks for the concern though.
    Good to see you two keeping up the good fight.

  3. Hang in there, girl. We need you to get back in the struggle.

    And i need help finding another "BOYCOTT ISRAEL GOODS" button.

    The "KOSHER NOSTRA" struck again, wiping out the link to that button.
    The previous one i received from you no longer works.

    Glad to hear you're alive.

    Don't let the bastards get you down.



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