Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PROTEST IN ISRAEL? Get shot and teargassed

Just an average protest... Friday July 20th

We then all drove to Bilin for the weekly demonstration against the apartheid wall. TEXT

We first gathered in and around a building near the mosque. Worshippers leaving Friday services mixed with anarchists, leftists, and people of vartious faiths and national backgrounds. Italians, French, Americans, Spanish, and Israelis mingled with Palestinians. All in all over 300 people (about half local) began the short march towards the apartheid wall built on village lands. One of those marching with us was Rani Burnat in his wheel chair (he had been shot by the Israelis and bullet lodged in his spine making him partalyzed). His cousin Iyad Burnat was the informal head It is a team effort) of the local
committee for non-violent resistance.

As we approached 200 yards away from the wall, the amassed occupation soldiers from at least three positions began their volleys of “teargas”. For clarification, Bilin village lands sit on both sides of the wall and soldiers were on both sides of the wall and the occupation soldiers declared a closed military zone on both sides of the wall. The tear gas they started with is nothing like the tear gas I inhgaled in demonstrations anywqhere else around the world and even in my younger age growing up in Palestine.
This gas had extremely potent chemicals that really caused not only the usual tearing eyes, lung irritation, sinus effects, etc It also caused dizziness, muscle fatique, buzzing headaches, and overall dreadful feelings that lasted for many hours (in my case I was not feeling well for over 36 hours afterwords). At any rate, the soldiers started shooting first this thing and then rubber coated bullets. Rani Murrar (the guy in the wheel chair) was hit by a gas canister in his foot and was also overcome by the gas. As he was being trended to, his brother Ibrahim was hit in the head with a rubber coated steal bullet. Iyad (his cousine) and two other young men carried the injured Ibrahim and ran back up the hill towards the village. The volleys of tear gas canisters and occasional “zing” of the bullets continued. Some tear gas canisters ignited fires in the dy summer brush under the olive trees. I was called by a 10 or 11 year old to help him put out one of the fires.
But then soldiers started aiming at us and other teams putting out the fires. Soldiers also started to move from both directions and that kid and I, exhausted and gasping for air walked up the hill. We stopped at a house that offered us water, coffee, and onions (the theory is that smelling onions help with tear gas inhalation).


Protest in a REAL democracy is protected in a constitution. Not so in Israel. Protest there will bring one under the wrath of the IOF--Israeli Occupation Force---who will be more than happy to use military grade tear gas, metal sheathed rubber bullets and the occasional rifle butt smashed into one's head.

Since Israel doesn't have a constitution, the ruling ZIONAZI elite can pick and choose when, where, who and how gets to demonstrate.

One thing they won't allow demonstrations against is the APARTHEID WALL. This concrete barrier is now longer than the former East Germany wall that existed during the Cold War. Staffed by snipers in lookout posts always ready to let loose some lethal volleys against the indigenous Palestinians. The IOF snipers favorite target? Shooting Palestinian kids in the head.

The "peace" loving Israeli's. The only peace Israel wants is: a "piece of Jordan; a "piece" of Syria; a "piece of Lebanon; a "piece" of Egypt; a "piece of Iraq", a "piece of Saudi Arabia" and whatever "pieces" are left after Israel finishes it's genocidal extermination of the Palestinians.

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