Sunday, July 1, 2007


The following video testimonies produced and published by B’tselem (The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) shows a sample of Palestinian daily misery life under the Israeli occupation:

Video testimony - Maysun al-Hayek:

In February 2002, Maysun al-Hayek and her husband were on the way to the hospital, where she was to give birth to their daughter. Suddenly, soldiers opened fire at them, killing her husband and wounding her and her father-in’-law. The soldier undressed the wounded victims and had them lay on the ground, naked and uncovered, until Red Crescent personnel arrived.

Video testimony - ‘Udai Abu Hamdiyeh:

‘Udai Abu Hamdiyeh was six years old in June 2003, when he was playing with friends near the village’s well. A soldier fired at the children, wounding him in the head

During the last four years, Israel has demolished homes in the Occupied Territories on an unprecedented scale: House demolition for alleged “military need,” demolition of houses built without permits, and the demolition of houses as punishment.

They all have one result - tens of thousands of people, most of them children, made homeless.

Video Link

That these heart rending videos that document Israeli brutality and war crimes will never be aired on the major American MSM's like FOX News, CNN and the New York Times is a given.
Those FAUX News organizations serve to disseminate NeoCON and Israeli Zionist propaganda, which usually portrays the "poor, under siege Israeli's, bravely trying to...." blah, blah, blah.

The other part of this pernicious agitprop shows the Palestinians in a negative mode, with some well worn film clip of an alleged Palestinian, firing off some rounds from an AK-74.

This ploy has been repeated ad nauseam in the American MSM, to the point that most Americans have a negative, knee-jerk response to the word "Palestine."

The Israeli "TERROR MASTERS" are clever by half, knowing full well that they have managed to thoroughly infest and poison Americans against the truth happening on the ground in Occupied Palestine.

The Zionists that have taken control of Israel make sure their propaganda stays on course by refusing to allow independent journalists film actual news in the Occupied Territories.

That is the machinations of the well-oiled Zionist propaganda machine that is masquerading as the "democratic" State of Israel.

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