Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A New Nakaba in Jaffa city 15 July 2007
By Dr. Elias Akleh

Since the establishment of their terrorist state on usurped Palestinian land Israelis keep regurgitating their phobic mantra “Arabs want to wipe Israel off the map” in order to draw international sympathy, and to cover up their war crimes throughout the Arab World. To build their divinely racist “God’s promised Jewish only” state from Nile to Euphrates Israeli government is conducting the policy of graduated wiping Palestinians off their own existence. Israel had, so far, successfully wiped Palestine off the map. Palestine had become to be known as occupied territories, disputed territories, and finally West Bank and Gaza Strip. Palestine, a name used for the last three thousand years, to describe the land between Mediterranean shores west to Jordan River east, and from Lebanon north to Egypt south, can no longer be found on any modern map. PALESTINE HAS BEEN WIPED OFF THE MAP!!!
Israel was established and built on Zionism, a colonialist expansionist political movement based on religiously elitist ideology (God’s chosen people), and a complete denial of the other. Its ultimate goal is to build a super power state, which they hope would eventually exceed the US in controlling the globe, within the heart of the Arab World to control their resource-rich region. Its first step was to establish Israel in place of Palestine and to win (force) its international legitimacy through imperial power (unfortunately might is still right in our age). Thus Palestinians became the primary target of Zionist terror and occupation to evacuate the land, since an independent viable Palestinian state would negate the essence of Israel’s right to exist on occupied land, and would put an end to the Zionist’s expansionist dreams. The birth of the Zionist entity is based not only on wiping Palestine off the map, but also wiping all Palestinians, their history and their culture off existence. Zionist Israel, thus, had adopted a graduated genocidal policy against Palestinians in specific and against Arabs in general.


As the author so succinctly points out, when the depraved Zionist's are finished wiping both Palestine and the indigenous Palestinians off the map, they will turn their attention elsewhere.
The Zionist's ultimate goal is to rule the world. Including the United States. Of course, one could argue that the Zionist's have no need to physically conquer the U.S., since America, thanks to a spineless Congress and the corrupt tyrants, Bush and Cheney, is already a vassal state of Israel.

What else can one make of the fact that whenever Israel's main lobby, AIPAC, barks out a command, Congress wets its pants and jumps thru all sorts of hoops to please its Zionist masters.

Israel's notorious security service, MOSSAD, supplied the U.S. with lies and fabrications that the war monger Cheney used to scare the U.S. into an illegal and immoral war against Iraq.
Next on the Zionist menu is for the U.S. to launch another illegal and immoral war against Iran. Initiated by the at-large war criminal, Bush.

And the knaves in Congress who have been more than willing to grovel at Israel's feet, begging for some morsels so they can feast like hyenas on carrion?

They'll secretly cheer on the U.S. bombing campaign of Iran, while at the same time in public, issue pious sounding decrees, deploring the war against Iran. At the same time, their Zionist masters will be very pleased the Congress abdicated its Constitutional responsibility and give their serfs one of their favorite treats: A flesh lollipop.

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