Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can You Hear the Cries from GAZA?

Can You Hear the Cries from Gaza? By SONJA KARKAR

Hospitals are overflowing with wounded people from Israel's aerial attacks and mortar shelling. Operating equipment is unusable as generators can no longer run without fuel. There are no medicines for the heart patients, diabetics, cancer sufferers and so many others. Doctors, nurses and health care workers are stretched to the limit trying to save lives and stop the pain when their own situations are desperate at home. Essential services can no longer cope with the demand. People are dying in their homes because they cannot get critical health care. Children are literally wasting away from malnutrition as they try to survive on a daily diet of bread and tea. Extreme hunger has driven many to scavenging the rubbish tips to find what they can to feed their families. And everywhere one looks, the greyness of dying has dulled the lifeblood of the people and still no one hears the cries of the sick and the wounded, the starving and the homeless and the keening sounds of people mourning their dead.

The list of impossible deprivations is about as awful as anyone wants to imagine. And with that come the daily, even hourly humiliations and indignities as Palestinians are pushed, prodded and targeted by Israel's soldiers, bombs, tanks, gun ships, warplanes and armed helicopters--an awesome military line-up against a population that has nothing even comparable to fight back. This tiny teeming piece of Palestine has been reduced to a gigantic penitentiary in which the entire one and a half million Palestinian population is permanently incarcerated. And, it is in this violent unforgiving world that Israel continues to indiscriminately punish the people, their cries only muffled by the firing of mortar shells and the explosion of bombs dropped from the sky.


While the demented Zionists of Israel continue on with the systematic mass murder of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the majority of the rest of the world stands by, almost bored, by the atrocities being committed on a daily basis by Israel against the indigenous Palestinians.

Where in the hell is the world's humanity? Have we finally devolved to the point of being unfeeling creatures, only looking out for our creature comforts, making sure we have the latest gadgets, bitchin' accessories and stylish clothes?

Has the world gone completely mad? The USA likes to proclaim itself as a "Christian" nation. What a joke. One of their gods, Jesus Christ, is made out to be the "Prince of Peace", who said to love thy brother as thy self. JC didn't quibble on this point and say to only love thy "white" brother.

Since America is the main enabler and financier of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, it would only serve our country to be knocked to its knees, financially speaking. If we can't summon up the moral reserve to stop funding Israel's every request for more arms and always blocking UN resolutions that speak out against the PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST, then we need to be taught a lesson.

A lesson that is long overdue and just around the corner... the collapse of the mortgage industry.

Maybe when Americans are living hand to mouth, living on the streets and not knowing where their next meal is coming from, will we finally notice that the indigenous Palestinians have been forced into that abysmal state of affairs for the last 60 years. Forced into that sub-standard of living by Israel, always armed with the latest lethal weaponry from the USA.

Maybe then, will we rise from our Zionist induced slumber and realize that we have been participants in Israel's Crimes against Humanity in Occupied Palestine.

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