Thursday, August 2, 2007

Israeli Airplane with WMD's Smashes into Neighborhood

Crash of Cargo Plane in Holland Revealed Existence of Israeli Chemical and Biological Weapons Plant
By Victor Ostrovsky

On Oct. 4, 1992 a Tel Aviv-bound El Al cargo aircraft crashed into an apartment complex in Bijlmermeer, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Amsterdam a few minutes after takeoff from the nearby Shipol airport. The crash of the Boeing 747-200 killed 39 people on the ground and all four crew members.

The plane’s cargo was the subject of wide speculation for the next six years. The local media suspected something was not right when the crash site was cordoned off and access was limited to non-Dutch search teams in space suit-like protective gear.

For years following the crash, however, residents of the surrounding neighborhoods displayed a uniquely high number of unusual ailments. But when they took to the media their inquiries as to whether the plane’s cargo could have contained health hazards, both the residents and the media were brushed off. Even though Dutch authorities knew what was on that plane, they preferred to lie to their own citizens rather than confront Israel.

Finally, on Oct. 1 of this year, the Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad reported it had obtained documents confirming that when the El Al flight crashed six years ago it had on board 190 liters of dimethyl methyl phosphonate (DMMP), a chemical used to produce Sarin, the nerve gas used to deadly effect by members of a religious cult on the Tokyo subway system.

The following day a spokesman for El Al, the Israeli national airline, confirmed that “the documentation states that DMMP was on the plane, that it was packed in accordance with the international regulations governing uplift of this material, and the document was signed by the captain stating that everything was in order prior to departure. All of these documents were turned over to the Dutch authorities after the accident.” It was further learned that the chemical in question was ordered by the Israeli biological institute in Nes Zionna. Finally, the jig was up.

The Dutch paper said the chemical came from Solkatronic Chemicals Inc., an American company based both in Pennsylvania and at 30 Two Bridges Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004-1530. The newspaper also reported that the amount of DMMP on board the aircraft was enough to produce up to 594 pounds of Sarin, and that three of the four main components needed for Sarin production were on the plane.

Mahanimi also attributed to official military sources a report that Israeli assault aircraft have been equipped to carry chemical and biological weapons manufactured at a top-secret institute near Tel Aviv. Crews of Israel’s F-16 fighters have been trained to mount an active chemical or biological weapon on the aircraft within minutes of receiving the command to attack.

Despite the fact that Israel has accused just about every country it regards as an enemy of developing chemical and biological weapons, it has never acknowledged its own programs to develop weapons of mass destruction. Yet a biologist who once held a senior post in Israeli intelligence told Mahanimi, “There is hardly a single known or unknown form of chemical or biological weapon…which is not manufactured at the institute.”


Hey, President Bush, we've got a country here that has WMD's; has several hundred nuclear weapons; has been caught numerous times in acts of terrorism and has repeatedly invaded and is threatening to invade again it's neighboring states and is practicing mass genocide on the residents of a country it has occupied.

So, is the U.S. is going to send B-2 bombers, cruise missiles and the 82nd Ariborne Division to snuff out this menance to mankind, right?

Oops, BTW, the country is Israel. What's that, Mr. Bush?

Can't do that, you say? Israel is our friend, you say?

With a friend like Israel in the ME, who needs enemies?

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