Saturday, August 11, 2007

Israeli Democracy: Fact or Fiction?


Israel's bulldozing of 62 shops in the village of Nazkt Issa, north of Tulkarem next to the West Bank line with Israel on Tuesday and its refusal to allow International and Israeli peace activists to witness the devastation illustrates the total control of the military in what is supposed to be a democratic state

Israel has no accepted legitimate borders other than those provided to it by Resolution 181, according to Anthony D'Amato, Leighton Professor of Law at Northwestern University, in his brief "The Legal Boundaries of Israel in International Law": "The legal boundaries of Israel and Palestine were delimited in Resolution 181." Since the 1967 war, the borders of the current area controlled by Israel exceed those outlined by the UN in Resolution 181 of 1948 as the current incident in Nazkt Issa illustrates. Despite numerous resolutions from the UN demanding that Israel return to its proper borders, most especially Resolution 242, Israel defies the world body continuing to retain land illegally held. The reality of this dilemma is most manifest in the settlements. Here, Jews residing in Palestinian areas continue to vote while Palestinians literally surround them and cannot vote. Where is the state of Israel? A look at a map would make it appear that Israel has the spotted coloration of a Dalmatian. Clearly, those living under Israeli domination are not considered citizens of the state of Israel even though they reside within parameters controlled by Israel. Since they are not citizens of Israel, and since there is no Palestinian state, these people are without a country and, therefore, without rights; an untenable position for any group which is recognized as a distinct governing group by the UN through its election of the Palestinian Authority as its governing body.


Laws, conventions and UN resolutions have no effect upon the criminal nation known as Israel. That Israel is perpetuating the Palestinian Holocaust bother not most of the so-called "civilized", since we're too busy trying to kill as many Iraqi's as possible before that at-large war criminal, GW Bush, slinks out of office in 2009.

Israel's ZIONAZI's are greedily eyeing even more ME land to steal and to do that, the sick and twisted Likudnik Party will need an accomplice; enter the U.S. military.

Israeli lobbies, like the well funded AIPAC, has the American congress serving at its beck and call. The current siren song is one that is a repeat of the lies that led the US into the illegal and immoral war against Iraq, only this time, the Israeli war mongers are telling their congressional toadies that a war against Iran is needed. Needed for Israel to keep its hegemony over the ME by using U.S. military might to turn the ME into one, huge killing field.

Israel wants to demolish Iran, in much the same way Iraq has been destroyed. But Israel has no stomach for doing its own fighting, instead preferring to send in their favorite mercenaries, the U.S. Army and Marines, plus the USAF.

Ask yourself this: How many of our troops are YOU willing to see die fighting another war for Israel?

5,000? 10,000? 15,000? 20,000? Sold American to the gentleman standing there covered in other people's blood, the USrael.

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