Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The "LOBBY" and how it works

It is difficult to identify all the pro-Israel PACs because they fly under the radar with innocuous sounding names such as Metro PAC, Badger PAC, Pacific PAC, etc. that don’t say anything about Israel or the Middle East. By using many dozens of PACs, the Lobby defeats the purpose of campaign finance laws and is thus able to invest large amounts of money in a favorite candidate or in someone serving on an important congressional committee. Money can also be used in campaigns to defeat politicians who are not sufficiently subservient to Israeli interests. The Lobby takes credit for defeating a number of well-respected politicians such as Senator Charles Percy and Representative Pete McCloskey, people who thought that they were in Congress to represent U.S. interests, not those of Israel. Because of its record, few in Congress are willing to stand up to the Lobby. This situation is reflected in the appalling vote on House Resolution 921 in which only eight members of the House of Representatives voted against the one-sided resolution that included support for the Israeli attack on Lebanon last year.

Media Intimidation

The media is also a target of the Lobby. Two media attack dogs are the misnamed Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) and Facts and Logic About the Middle East (FLAME). They sprung up after Israel’s brutal assault and invasion of Lebanon in 1982 that did major damage to Israel’s already tarnished image. These groups have been very successful in intimidating the media, for example, NPR, PBS and CNN, and their coverage of the issues. For more information, see the article in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs from the July/August 1993 issue. Newspapers also have not been exempt from these organized intimidation campaigns and their biased coverage of the Middle East is partially a reflection of the success of these campaigns.

Intimidation of Activists

The ADL is an organization that defends civil rights, and it has a long and proud record of important work. However, on the Israeli/Palestinian issue, the ADL has a dark side that is little known. For example, the ADL was implicated in a vast spying operation against U.S. citizens opposed to Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza and to apartheid in South Africa. Some of the information was shared with the Israeli and South African governments. The ADL finally agreed to pay a significant amount to settle the resultant lawsuit against it.


That the "LOBBY" is one of, if not the most pervasive influence on the U.S. Congress is known almost everywhere in the world, except right here in the U.S.A.

The "LOBBY" snakes its tentacles all thru Washington, D.C. to ensure that a non-stop supply of money and weapons continue to Israel and that the American public remains oblivious to the tremendous amount of harm to America's standing in the world remains obscured.

The "LOBBY" cares not a damn for what actually happens to America, when Americans go off to fight Israeli wars for ME hegemony.

The "LOBBY" cares not a damn about the steady stream of American flag draped caskets keep coming back, filled with dead soldiers and marines. Killed fighting Israeli wars of aggression to help Israel keep the stolen land and water resources that Israel so desperately craves.

THE "LOBBY" cares not a damn that it has the U.S. Congress trained and and its beck and call, but only that the Congress stays obedient and compliant.

The "LOBBY" only cares that it maintains its chokehold on America and the U.S. Congress to ensure a steady stream of money, weapons and backing for Israel, so the Zionists can continue with their ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians.

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