Saturday, August 25, 2007


Home Front 'Surge' War Party's ad campaign will boomerang
by Justin Raimondo

In a disgusting display of mendacity not seen since the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, a pro-war advertising campaign spearheaded by former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer is buying $15 million worth of 30-second television spots that repeat the lies linking 9/11 to Iraq – and explicitly threatening another terrorist attack in the US if we "surrender." It's the first storm in a season of fear.

The content of the ads – four of them, so far – is so completely dishonest that one wonders what the producers were thinking: do they really imagine the American people are going to swallow another round of complete fabrications? It's hard to believe, but there you have it. Even more surreal than the assertions tying the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the Iraqis is the blatant exploitation of US troops in Iraq: this one, for example, shows a soldier who has lost a leg declaiming that he will have lost it for nothing if we allow "politics" – i.e. the overwhelming majority of Americans – to influence our policy.

Most of the above are closely tied into the Lobby, and their agenda is pretty clear: to manipulate the American people into once again supporting a foreign policy that serves the interests of a very narrow sector of foreign opinion, rather than distinctly American interests. This is, in short, a revolting attempt to pimp out the misery of those who have lost loved ones in the neocons' war to make the Middle East safe for Israel – while sacrificing American lives to do so.


The LOBBY. One only has to mention that term to understand who the real power is behind these ads from a dubious sounding front called Freedom's Watch

The same pack of liars, thieves and mass murderers that lied the U.S. into fighting the war against Iraq is now lying to Americans about the reasons for staying in Iraq, ensuring a steady stream of flag draped coffins coming back to America.

And thousands upon thousands more Iraqi's slaughtered.

Strangely enough, discussions in the American MSM never approach the questions about these lies told to us by these crafty and cunning liars. Questions that should be asked about why we're still fighting the illegal and immoral war against Iraq.

Questions about how these same pack of liars are in bed with another pack of liars, spending time and money, lying us to fight another war for their client.

The next war these at large criminals want American soldiers and marines to fight and die in is another war of aggression, this time against Iran.

A war to be fought using American wealth, standing and lives; a war to be fought so Israel can both maintain ME hegemony and continue unhindered with its ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians.

NEVER AGAIN should be our real battle cry.

NEVER AGAIN will American kids go off to fight a war for Israel.

NEVER AGAIN will we succumb to their maddening call to war.

NEVER AGAIN will Americans be fooled by this pack of cutthroats and thieves.



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