Saturday, August 18, 2007


Electricity cut off in most of Gaza as Israel halts fuel deliveries
By Agence France Presse (AFP)

GAZA: Power was cut in most of the Gaza Strip as of 1500 GMT on Friday because of a lack of fuel deliveries from Israel, the director of the Palestinian electricity company said. "At [1500 GMT], we are going to stop nearly all electricity production in Gaza due to a stop in fuel deliveries," company director Rafiq Maliha told reporters in Gaza. "We are forced to stop three out of the station's four generators," he said.

Gaza has a single 140-megawatt power plant that provides some three-quarters of the territory's electricity needs. All of the fuel for the plant comes from Israel.

"We have not received fuel since Thursday morning," he said. "We didn't receive any today and tomorrow is Shabat for the Israelis, so there won't be any. The situation is difficult."


Another day and another inhuman atrocity visited upon the indigenous Palestinians by the sick and twisted Zionist regime of Israel.

Since the depraved Zionist's don't get enough thrills by their blockade of medicines and food to the world's largest prison, Gaza, they also block fuel for electrical generation from reaching Gaza... in the midst of the Summer heat.

No electric means no drinking water. It means that sewerage won't flow away from the Gazans, but stay put, causing more health problems.

Denying people the essence of life itself, water, is one of the most reprehensible acts perpetuated upon the Palestinians by the ZIONAZI's of Israel.

Other than one of the Zionist's prime sports: Shooting Palestinian children in the head.

All of this from the "peace" loving nation of Israel. The only peace Israel wants is: a "piece" of Jordan; a "piece" of Syria; a "piece" of Lebanon; a "piece" of Egypt; a "piece" of Iraq; a "piece" of Saudi Arabia and whatever "pieces" are left after Israel finishes it's genocidal extermination of the Palestinians.

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