Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Salfit: When the Occupation is Just a Business

Salfit is one of the cities of the northern West Bank most affected by the presence of settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). Ariel, the largest settlement in the West Bank—in addition to a further 16 settlements—are built on Salfit land, with a total population of some 40,000 Israeli settlers.

The presence of these settlements affect the area not just through the stealing of land to build the settlement itself, but also by the path of the Separation Wall, built to “secure” the settlements from the local Palestinian population. In the Salfit area, the Wall snakes within Palestinian territory for over 15 kilometres.

The city of Salfit, however, is also located in the most water rich region of the entire West Bank; water was never a problem for the population of the area before the arrival of the settlers.

But everything changed with the establishment of the settlement following the 1967 war. Sixteen artesian wells have been confiscated during the years since, and water supplies have been redirected, miles away, in order to serve Israel, and to supply the wells of the settlers of Ariel.

The Israelis and the settlers consume five times as much water as the local Palestinians, yet the Palestinian pay 300 percent more for their supply. The nearby villages of Kifr al-Dik and Bruqin are constantly without enough water, and often without water at all, as resources are used by the settlers.


The ZIONIST TERROR MASTERS of Israel never miss a chance to steal whatever they want from the indigenous Palestinians, including the essence of life itself, water.

This is a sweet racket the ZIONAZI's have going for them. First, they send in the ZIONIST OCCUPATION FORCE (ZOF) to occupy the land and water resources the ZIONAZI's crave. These well trained assassins, who are very adept at both shooting Palestinian kids in the head and theft, force the indigenous Palestinians off their land at gunpoint, refusing to allow the Palestinians to live on, let alone, work their land that had been in their care for centuries.

With the ZOF Storm Troopers standing guard with American financed, Israeli made machine guns, keeping the Palestinians at bay, the ZIONAZI's then claim that since the land they stole is vacant, the land can be appropriated for the illegal Israeli settlements.

Theft is theft, even if sanctioned by the Israeli government, which makes it state sanctioned and sponsored theft.

This theft of indigenous Palestinian land and water will only lead to more bloodshed.

But maybe more bloodshed is what the demented LIKUDNIK party of Israel desires so it can have a manufactured excuse to continue its ethnic cleansing campaign against the Palestinians.

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