Friday, August 24, 2007

Who Cares?.... Not Americans

Who Cares? by Charley Reese

The concept of a preemptive war should be an abomination to every American. Preemptive war is a war of aggression. It was the policy of Hitler's Germany and of the Japanese imperial government. To our national shame, apparently many Americans support the concept. They should never again criticize the Japanese for Pearl Harbor, the Third Reich for the invasion of Poland, or the Soviet Union for the invasion of Afghanistan. Click your heels and salute. You are no different from the people who cheered for Hitler.

The great tragedy caused by the interventionists is that they sabotage the peaceful and prosperous country that America could be. It's no mystery why the infrastructure is beginning to fail. It's no mystery why public education fails in so many places. It's no mystery why health care is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Look at the cost of the empire – the military and intelligence budgets, the cost of the wars. Between the military-industrial complex and the new war service industry, the treasury is being sucked dry by the worst people for the worst reasons.


Bravo America for joining such elite company as the Japanese Imperial Empire, circa 1937. For becoming synonymous with the WW II Nazi's and their preemptive war against Poland in 1939 and the former USSR, when it invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

Yes, we should click our heels and salute the American Imperialist Forces now operating in Iraq.. and soon, Iran for our wars of aggression.

We no longer have a manufacturing base with which to make American products to be proud of, but we damned sure lead the world in manufacturing death and destruction.

Don't be fooled thinking that the timid uproar against the illegal and immoral war against Iraq is some sort of awakening. It's not.
For if the war against Iraq had gone according to plan, with Iraqi's welcoming US Storm Troopers with flowers, we Americans would still be celebrating the victory.
Since the brave Iraqi Freedom Fighters are battling to a draw the world's supposedly most powerful military, we Americans are like the downcast fans watching their home town football team getting shredded by a inner-state rival. And we don't like that, no sir.

We like our death and destruction served up big and hearty, that is, as long as the OTHER side is getting pummeled.

So, start practicing your "goose stepping." Work on your "Heil to the Fatherland" salute. Practice wearing a "brown shirt", the color shirt Hitler's acolytes were so found of wearing.

Enjoy our fascist state. And say goodbye to the 220 year old form of government we used to have, the democratic republic.

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