Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Empire Is Over

By Charley Reese

09/29/07 "Lew Rockwell" --- - The American government has come to resemble the characters in The Wizard of Oz. We have the Cowardly Congress, a president without a brain, and a foreign-policy establishment without a heart.

We are like all empires in their final stages. We have grown soft. We like our comforts. We don't wish to be inconvenienced. We like poor Mexicans to do our stoop work and poor Americans to do our fighting, provided they do it far away so we won't be disturbed by explosions and screams. We enjoy our decadence, and there are always people in the media who can rationalize anything, no matter how sick and revolting it is.

The only way to avoid a bad end is to find some realists and put them in public office. We need a brave Congress, not a pack of cowards. We desperately need a president with a brain. We need to retire the warmongers in the foreign-policy establishment. Otherwise, we will join the other third-rate countries, once empires, on history's discard pile.


The Age of the American Empire is indeed drawing to a close, but will we quietly slide into oblivion or manage to ignite an even broader war in the ME, that could turn into a thermonuclear war, engulfing the planet, by bombing Iran?

The draft dodgers and deserters currently infesting the White House have surrounded themselves with a deadly combination of neoCON's, Zionists and Evangelical Christians.
A potent and deadly brew of extreme ideologies all with one goal in mind: Using immense amounts of American military might to rearrange the ME to their liking, even if that involves using nuclear weapons.

For the neoCOn's, it's about controlling the world's largest supply of oil, which our nation of addicted gasoline junkies desperately needs to maintain their fix, regardless of how many Arabs/Muslims get slaughtered in the process.

For the Zionists, it's about helping Israel keep its ME hegemony intact, regardless of how many Arabs/Muslims get slaughtered in the process.

For the Evangelical Christians, it's about keeping the ME continually inflamed with war and more wars, in the hopes of bringing about their beloved "End Times" scenario, regardless of how many Arabs/Muslims get slaughtered in the process.

And that is America in the 21st Century: A nation of apathetic and indolent mass murderers, led by a pair of homicidal maniacs.


  1. In my own feeble ways, i try. Whether or not it will help is an unknown, but at least one has to try.

  2. Would you feel better not trying?

  3. Would i fell better not trying?

    Oh hell no. These writings are also helpful to me, in that they educate me as to how hateful, mean-spirited and downright thuggish a lot of the Zionists are and that they need to be exposed.


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