Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poland's Forgotten Holocaust

The Polish people were classified by the Nazis according to their racial characteristics. The ones who appeared Aryan were deported to Lodz for further racial examination. Most of the others were sent to the Reich to work in slave labor camps. The rest were sent to Auschwitz to die. Polish Christians and Catholics were actually the first victims of the notorious German death camp. For the first 21 months after it began in 1940, Auschwitz was inhabited almost exclusively by Polish non-Jews. The first ethnic Pole died in June 1940 and the first Jew died in October 1942.
Non-Jews of Polish descent suffered over 100,000 deaths at Auschwitz. The Germans forcibly deported approximately 2,000,000 Polish Gentiles into slave labor for the Third Reich. The Russians deported almost 1,700,000 Polish non-Jews to Siberia. Men, women and children were forced from their homes with no warning. Transferred in cattle cars in freezing weather, many died on the way. Polish children who possessed Aryan-looking characteristics were wrenched from their mother's arms and placed in German homes to be raised as Germans.


Poland's forgotten Holocaust. Why is such insanity forgotten? The arrest, rounding up, murder and deportation of millions of Poland's Roman Catholic population is hardly ever mentioned in the news or seen in the media, as opposed to that other part of this tragedy. The one that is know as the Holocaust Industry(copyright).

The other Holocaust has been used numerous times to badger nations, extort money from people, scare people into shutting up or risk going to jail or even getting sent to prison, just for asking questions about the Holocaust Industry (copyright).
We have been bombarded ad infinitum by their images of that tragedy, by the people standing to make the most money off their Holocaust Industry (copyright).

Yet mention of other Holocausts is VERBOTEN. The Armenian genocide rarely breaks the mundane American MSM news cycle. Why?
The mass genocide of the Native Americans, the USA's own Holocaust, is briefly touched on in school history books, but more time is spent on that other Holocaust. Why?

Is it true what is said about a certain group of people? That they control the dissemination of information and slant that info to their own means to reach their desired ends?

Why does that Holocaust, thanks to an endless barrage of media backing and advertising, make people feel guilty about something which they had NOTHING to do with?
Why does the Holocaust Industry (copyright) make sure it is the only Holocaust talked about and the only given any time in the MSM?

Why, in some countries, is talking and asking questions about that Holocaust forbidden and one risks going to jail if they do ask questions?

The Holocaust Industry (copyright). Yes Sirreee, there's no Business like SHOAH business.

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