Sunday, October 14, 2007

FOR SALE: The U$ Congre$$

Curious about the 300+ trips OUR congress people have taken to Israel lately? Wonder what is involved in say, the American Israel Foundation--a branch of AIPAC--spending over $16,000 for ONE trip to Israel for Rep. Albio (D) NJ to Israel?

Or how about the $15,566 they spent on ONE trip for Rep. Mike Ross (D) AZ? Or the over $25,000 AIF spent for ONE trip on Rep. Steny Hoyer (D)MD? Guess the fact that Hoyer is the Democratic Majority Leader who is responsible for seeing what bills reach the floor of the House would have no bearing on AIF spending large sums of money to influence Hoyer, now would it?
Hoyer seems to like AIF and AIF likes Hoyer, since he seems to be a regular visitor to Israel on AIF's money.

Or the $19,504 the American Israel Foundation(AIF) spent for ONE trip on Rep.Shelley Berkley (D)NV? That buys one helluva lot of.... something.

Of course, the American Israel Foundation makes it sound so innocent, by stating that OUR congress people "... participate in the American Israel Foundation's Democratic Congressional Mission to Israel."

Right. No funny stuff going on here, like a "quid pro quo" that makes OUR congress people act like a pack of well trained monkeys, more than willing to shove billions and billions of OUR tax dollars to Israel, while ignoring OUR needs. Nope, none of that here.

How about the $18,031 AIF spent for ONE trip on Rep. John Tanner (D) TN?

Or the $20,347 AIF lavished for ONE trip on Rep. Jack Kingston (R)GA? Or the $21,495 AIF doled out to Rep. K Michael Conaway (R) TX?...For ONE trip to Israel.

All the details about these trips and more can be had at the following site:

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