Thursday, October 11, 2007

Israel is slowly wiping Palestine off the map

"Our main problem is Israel's occupation," Sadek told the BBC. "It's not just about construction. We're not even on the water or electricity grid here. Israel can literally wipe us off the map."

Israel claims that Al-Akkaba, located in the northern West Bank, was built with no authorization on a military zone and therefore should be demolished but what does that mean for the Palestinian residents of this village?

"All the buildings in this village suffer the same situation. They are expected to be demolished. The school, the kindergarten, the mosque, the clinic and all the houses," Othman Al-Ghoury, a school teacher, told the BBC.


Another lovely day in Occupied Palestine... that is, if you're Jewish and have the military muscle of the world's FOURTH largest army at your beck and call. The IOF especially come in handy when Israelites want to steal some more land. They call in the IOF, some armored bulldozers and start destroying villages inhabited by Bedouins.. or Palestinians. It matters not to the crazed Likudniks. As long as they get their way--and that way is to steal as much land and water resources from the indigenous Palestinians as possible--the Zionists will have another good day.
But for the indigenous Palestinians? Just another day in the hell that Israel has created by turning what is left of Palestine into one, huge concentration camp.
A concentration camp, whose inhabitants are being slowly starved, beaten and gunned out of existence.

And if the Palestinians rise up to try and fight the land and water theft by the Israeli's?

Well, by gosh, then Israel will have the excuse it's been trying to engineer to start another War of Aggression against Palestine.. and just for good meaure, Israel will tell its puppets in the US Congress to attack Iran, all for the Zionist desire of an "Eretz Israel."

Zionists like to use the number SIX MILLION like a shield and a club on any and all who dare question what the Zionists do to and in Occupied Palestine.

When the Zionists have finally slaughtered SIX MILLION Palestinians, will their blood lust finally be satiated or will they never tire of killing Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs?

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