Friday, October 26, 2007

A typical night in Gaza: The sounds of Israeli artillery fire, Apache helicopters and sonic booms

Reporter: David Hardaker
03ELIZABETH JACKSON: To find out just what it's like for the Palestinians in Gaza David Hardaker spent the night in the home of a Palestinian family to file this report.

(Sound of artillery fire)

DAVID HARDAKER: This is the sound of Gaza by night: first the dull thud of distant artillery fire.

(Sound of artillery fire)

At 2am, the beating blades of an Israeli Apache helicopter.

(Sound of helicopter)

This is the one which destroyed the office of Palestinian Prime Minister and Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh.

An hour later, some close Israeli shelling.

(Sound of shelling)

But none of this disturbs the sleep of the Ishanti family, who live on Gaza's coast.

(Sound of a child speaking)

Indeed, it's only in the morning, as the family is having breakfast, that the truly terrifying sound arrives.

(Sound of a sonic boom)

That's a sonic boom, created by an Israeli jet speeding overhead.

Karam Ishanti is the head of the house. His wife Rheem has been comforting their one-year-old daughter and Karam has been holding their three-year-old son Basil. He's been telling him the noise is nothing more than a big balloon.

KARAM ISHANTI: I became shaking. The child beside me immediately hugged me. She became frightened. I tried to (inaudible) her despite the fact that I myself was shaking.

The sound of American tax dollars at work, helping the racist and apartheid Israeli regime continue their occupation of Palestine.

The sound of the cowardly ZOF (ZIONIST OCCUPATION FORCE) making noises much like a deranged dog howling at a full moon.

The sound of oppression, fear and terror, being gleefully supplied by that nation of sadistic war criminals, Israel.

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