Monday, October 29, 2007

Where did the Israeli's come from?

From the New Oxford American Dictionary 2nd Edition

Ashkenazi |ˌa sh kəˈnazē; ˌä sh kəˈnäzē| |ˈøʃkəˌnɑzi| |aʃkəˌnɑːzi|
noun ( pl. -nazim |-ˈnazim; -ˈnäzim| |ˈøʃkəˌnɑzɪm| |-zɪm|)
a Jew of central or eastern European descent. More than 80 percent of Jews today are Ashkenazim; they preserve Palestinian rather than Babylonian Jewish traditions, and some still use Yiddish.

Sephardi |səˈfärdē| |səˌfɑrdi| |sɪˌfɑːdi|
noun ( pl. -phardim |-ˈfärdim; -ˌfärˈdēm| |səˌfɑrdəm| |səˈfɑrˌdim| |-dɪm|)
a Jew of Spanish or Portuguese descent. They retain their own distinctive customs and rituals, preserving Babylonian Jewish traditions rather than the Palestinian ones of the Ashkenazim.

Khazar |kəˈzär| |kəˌzɑː| |kəˈzɑr|
a member of a Turkic people who occupied a large part of southern Russia from the 6th to the 11th centuries and who converted to Judaism in the 8th century.

It's apparent the Jews living in Occupied Palestine came from eastern Europe, Portugal and southern Russia.

But NOT from Israel.

Yet this same group of people howl like dogs at the moon anytime someone has the audacity to point out these facts.

Their favorite weapon is to scream "Anti-Semite" at anyone, repeating that phrase ad nauseam until the person asking the question gets fired from their job or goes into hiding, due to the numerous threats against their lives by these Eastern Europe Jews.

Another weapon these "Khazars" use is to proclaim that a god, made up by their people, in a book written by the same, gave the land to these people.

To prove their point, they'll invade other countries, perform horrible acts of espionage against their allies and have threatened to incinerate the entire world in a nuclear fireball, via the "SAMPSON" option, if anyone dare question their very questionable claims.

Is it any wonder, that time and again throughout history, these people have been kicked out of nations which had at first, taken them in, then recoiled in horror when they realized they had a cancer in their midst?

And don't fall for the old baloney about Jews getting kicked out of countries due to "blood libel." That's another Zionist myth perpetuated upon masses to make them feel guilty for the death of Christ.

Time and again, the Jews have been kicked out of nations for their violations of the usury laws and for their machinations in the money lending field.

This is the physical makeup of modern day Israel: A nation of depraved money lenders and usurers, who live off the efforts of others and the blood of their neighbors.

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