Tuesday, October 9, 2007


In the old city of Hebron, 400 fanatical settlers- protected by Israeli Defence Force soldiers- hold 30000 Palestinians to ransom. They stone and kick the inhabitants, while the Israeli army forbids Palestinians to drive- in some areas, even to walk- on the streets. I saw for myself the concrete blocks, rubbish and human excrement thrown down onto passing Palestinians by the illegal settlers occupying the flats above Arab shops. The racist graffiti is shocking:
- 'Arabs to the gas chambers!' - 'Watch out Fatima, we will rape all Arabs!' - 'Mohammed is a pig'. Below this is a drawing of a pig reading the Quran. - 'If you Arabs had just used a f***ing condom, then none of this would have happened!'

(If anybody finds this unbelievable, give me your email address and I shall be all too happy to send you photographic evidence.)

We spent a lot of time at checkpoints in the West Bank. Unfortunately, the word 'checkpoint' sounds so benign that it hardly conveys the horror of the place. Have you seen a cattle shed crammed full of animals? With only one gate to get out, guarded by a farmer with a stick? Well, just replace him with an Israeli soldier with a rifle- and the animals with Palestinians- and you're not far. At Huwwara checkpoint near Nablus, we saw a queue extending for half a kilometre out of the cramped shed and into the merciless sun. One by one, the Palestinians were called forward and their documents inspected. Some got through, others were turned back. Depending on the mood of the soldier. The explanation given for the checkpoints- 'security'- is a lie, as the barriers mostly stand between Palestinian cities and towns, not between Palestine and Israel.


And this America, is what those billions and billions of US tax dollars we send to Israel each year goes for: To help out the Zionists with their ongoing ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians.

Think this might make CNN or FOX or the NYT? Forget it. Truths like these are what the Zionist dominated MSM work 24/7 to keep out of the news, so we Americans won't know the real facts on the ground in Occupied Palestine.

No, we Americans love to fight and die in wars for Israel. Like the current hellhole we created in Iraq to benefit Israel. And the soon to be hellhole the Zionist lackey's, Bush and Cheney, want to create in Iran.





  1. It's not so complex: The more the racist, violent, primative Arabs try to murder, the more they will suffer.

    They won't be allowed to get away with it in Israel, and that includes Hebron.

  2. Why PM Olmert, i didn't realize you read my blog.

    Thought you were too busy trying to stay out of jail due to your numerous financial misdeeds.

    Hang in there! They've probably got Internet access in Israel's prisons.

  3. Nobody reads your blog, loser. Even I just post once in a while without actually looking at the drivel you post.


  4. Dear Ehud:

    Whether or not anyone reads or responds to my blog is nothing to me.

    i write this blog because it's the right thing to do and i enjoy writing, even if its about the Zionist mandated and American funded genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.

    i don't need or crave adulation or scores of fans.

    Doing research on Israeli crimes against humanity--easily done-- and writing about the Palestinian HOLOCAUST is good enough for me.

    Now run along, before the sun catches you out from under your rock.

  5. "Why PM Olmert, i didn't realize you read my blog.

    Thought you were too busy trying to stay out of jail due to your numerous financial misdeeds."


    Love the comeback. :)


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